Minnesota State Fair 2015 Preview!

It’s almost that time of the year! The Minnesota State Fair runs from August 27 until September 7, and with 40 new foods to try, you’ll need each and every day of the fair. Or a really big group to go eat with so you can all enjoy a taste of the different offerings!

I was invited with a group of other local bloggers to take an early visit to the fair and try some of the new foods. I’ve gone to the fair quite a few times in since College, but as a kid I only toured the livestock areas. So I’m not the best at navigating around the fair, but thankfully the fair website and app helps me figure out where I want to go!

Salted Carmel Puff Ice Cream Malt

Salted Carmel Puff Malt and Sundae: Hands down my favorite! Crunchy, salty, sweet, and cold! I always wind up a sweaty mess at the fair, and a trip to the Dairy Building is a must! You can always leave suggestions for next year’s flavor, and the top three selections will be voted on next spring!

Minnesota State Fair Snicker Salad

Grandma Deb’s Snicker Salad: Confession, I am not a fan of Snicker Salad…until this recipe! The filling wasn’t just a dump of cool whip, there was so much flavor and it was so light, while the apples were perfectly green and crunchy, yum!

Minnesota State Fair Meatloaf on a Stick

Meatloaf On A Stick: I’m not a fan of meatloaf. My mom and I always joked that the nights I was gone for dance competitions were meatloaf nights at home. I tried to eat it again last year at my Grandma’s house, but still wasn’t a fan. HOWEVER. Neither of their recipes include a cheesy center. This was my favorite of the “non-sweet” offerings.

Maple Bacon Funnel CakeMaple Bacon Funnel Cake: Always a fair staple. And while I’m not usually one to order it, the bacon inside the batter makes it a top contender for my dollars! I’m also glad they went with a maple frosting instead of a maple syrup, it would have been much messier!

Minnesota State Fair Food 2015

Totchos = Tater Tot Nachos! These were great and perfect to share (the size you get is much bigger) I did cruise through the Minnesota Public Radio recap of the new food lineup, and they mentioned that this is a gluten free option. And it sounds like there will be a few different allergy groups at the fair.

Mac and Cheese Cupcake: While I didn’t need the cheese whiz on top of the cupcake, it did act as the “frosting” which is a nice touch! This held together really well and would be perfect for a picky eater who wants a familiar comfort food with a fun spin!

What is your favorite part about the Fair? What other states have awesome fairs I need to check out?

P.S. I use Instagram and Twitter to share lots of behind the scenes secrets! Make sure you’re following me to know all the best stuff! My username is @katie_LF for both accounts!


Also, I’ll try to keep up, but here are the posts from the other bloggers who attended!

Mad Mommy, Writing with Bangles, The Beth Next Door, The Whimsy Factory Blog, and Family Fun Twin Cities.



  1. The Salted Caramel Malt was my favorite too! I always love the Dairy Building! I usually have to go there last though, you eat ice cream and you’re pretty much done for the rest of the day!

  2. Ooh, the tator tot nachos sound good and it’s nice that they are gluten free. I don’t go to the fair very often, but when I go I always get the roasted corn on the cob and french fries. I swear that the french fries at the fair taste better than any other fries that I eat during the year! I would definitely enjoy more treats if it wasn’t for my gluten intolerance!

    1. If you’re talking about the “fresh french fries” booths I agree they are delicious!! A friend of mine worked in that booth all through high school and college, and was able to share some freebies with me!

    1. Since I don’t know my way around, the app has always been a really good reason for me. Although wandering around and finding hidden gems is fun!

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