Chance Chat #28: Stop Waiting

If only I had posted this in June…back in March when I knew that my job would be done in April I made a goal of having a job by June 1. By early May I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I have submitted over 50 applications and had plenty of phone interviews, and a few second round interviews, but haven’t found the right position yet.

Stop Waiting, Fly!

I really hoped that I would need to negotiate my trip around my start date at a new company. But that didn’t happen. While I don’t regret the applications I have filled out, or the interview opportunities I’ve had. I do wish I could go back and be more relaxed about the inital application process. Once I get home and finish my Miss Aitkin Director obligations then I will really focus on flying against the wild winds.

Have you ever waited and worried about something only to realize that waiting and worrying wasn’t necessary?


  1. better to wait for something that’s meant for you then to end up with something that makes you wish you’d waited longer. that said, waiting is hard hard hard (esp. for impatient me) and i commend you for being so good about it 🙂

  2. I really hope that you find something great soon! The job search process is stressful and just not fun (IMO). I am a worrier by nature so I have definitely worried and waited for things to happen only to find out that the worrying was unnecessary. Like last year I was so so so stressed that I wouldn’t find a job in Minnesota as soon as I wanted and that I’d be stuck in Charlotte but I ended up finding a job and was able to resign 1 week after my 1 year commitment was up… so it all worked out. Granted, the job I got ended up not being a great fit but it got me home which is what mattered most.

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