Chance Chat #26: Clutter and Mess.

Confession: this is late because I preferred to sit around the bonfire with my family last night, and then I remembered this morning, typed up a great post, and then wordpress ate it. First time that’s happened, and I’m not really pleased….

Clutter and Mess

Since I live with my parents my mess is confined to my room and my car. I’m not a fan of when organization gets unruly, but it generally is at its worst when I’m packing for short trips and expect to be leaving again shortly after coming home.

The tidy, perfect, suspended animation moments are few. Sometimes they seem like the great final moment after lots of hard work.

But the work in progress messes are not failures. Especially as I go through my own work in progress with finding a new job and hopefully a place to live in the cities, I have to accept things aren’t perfect. If they were I would have started a job on June 1. Now I’m hoping to be settled by September or October 1.We will just have to wait and see how it all works out.

Do you prefer perfection? Or do you embrace the works in progress?


  1. I’m kind of a perfectionist but it’s something I am trying to work on… it’s just been ingrained in my personality for so long so it’s hard to not be that but it’s not a healthy way to because I am SO HARD on myself. For the most part, my apartment is tidy, especially my bedroom, but my kitchen/dining room area can get cluttered easily with mail and other things I am keeping out to remind myself to follow up on. But I try to spend time each week putting things away because I don’t like walking into my house and seeing clutter!

    1. Exactly! I move all the stuff to the shelves in my bedroom so that the main living quarters are clean. Acknowledging what you need to work on is the first step. I’m a pack rat, so I’m working on getting rid of stuff!

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