Now I’m a Feminist.

While I’m not one to go heavy on the politics, my blood got boiled on Saturday evening and I have to got to share a little story.

north loop feminist

Scene: Restaurant in North Loop, Minneapolis.

Customers: 1 table of 16 females, 4 tables of 6+ females, and 5 heterosexual couples at the bar. (that’s 5 men, versus 25+ women).

I was at the table of 16 females, we had a waitress who was completely on her game, she got our drinks, ordered our meals, and brought dishes with absolutely no issues. The twins were playing in the background, and we noticed the score was an unfortunate 11-3 and kept chatting. The plan for the evening was to eat dinner, and then stay at that restaurant, as it has a fun late night scene and has a dj.

Until……the hockey game comes on. And suddenly we can only SCREAM at the person next to us, because they’ve turned the volume up so loud that normal conversation is impossible. As the waitress comes to remove our plates I ask her “can you turn the volume down?” Her response “I’ll check with the manager, but it won’t be turned down much because otherwise the guys will complain.”

Excuse me? The 5 men currently in your establishment are more important than the other 25+ females? While they turned it down a notch, we still couldn’t carry on a conversation. I watched every table pay, leave, and a few potential customers wander in, only to leave once they realized that game was on at a level that made anything else impossible.

Remember Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts gets to say “big mistake!” Well that’s what I wanted to tell that manager. Had we stayed, you would have gotten an easy 2-3 more drinks per person, and filled the awkward hours between dinner ending and the late night scene starting. Instead we moved on to Smack Shack where we had some great drinks and enjoyed the rest of the evening at a few other spots in Minneapolis.

Have you ever had one of those moments that changes how you feel about a “political issue”?



  1. So I’ve been listening to this podcast called Stuff Your Mom Never Told you and now I notice this crap all. the. time!!

    I definitely always thought about feminism as women who were ball-busting and trying to stomp out all the men, but really…it’s about equality. And it’s mind-blowing how un-equal everything is.

  2. oy oy oy. noise complaint by a customer and the management doesn’t even seem sympathetic? that’s too bad. esp for us girls that like to chat! at least you got to have some drinks at smack shack 🙂

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