Hot in Herre: Sriracha Giveaway

As promised! Today I’m giving away a container of Sriracha Almonds courtesy of the Blue Diamond Tastemakers program. And as always: the thoughts and opinions are my own.

sriracha almonds

Summer is here, and with that means lots of activities and a constantly changing schedule I’ve got three different stresses for each of the months of Summer.

June: Job Searching. I hope to find the right position for me, but part of that means I need to decide where to live.

July: Scholarship Pageant which I am the Director, thank goodness for the rest of my committee, or I wouldn’t be able to do it! (Plus I’m traveling July 6-16 so I need to get a lot done in a short amount of time).

August: Superior Man Triathlon 41.5. I’m signed up, but haven’t been swimming, biking, or running with regularity. I either need to start committing, or send in my deferral to next year.

The Sriracha almonds have come out at a great time. It doesn’t take much for me to get excited, and I love a good spicy snack!

Blue Diamond isn’t asking me to giveaway this product, I want to share the love. So comment with your favorite way to stay healthy in the summer, and there will be a random winner on Wednesday next week (June 17th).

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.


  1. I love almonds and sriracha. Mmmmm….. Anyway, favorite way to stay healthy in the summer is to use my treadmill indoors. Working out outside is just too hot.

    1. Good call on staying indoors! I don’t have a gym membership, so I try to avoid the hottest times of the day. Or at least hydrate well if I’m going to be in hot weather.

  2. I could go on and on. On my own, I am having a blast exploring all of the new and beautiful trails in my new home while training for my first marathon. As a family, hiking tops the list.

    1. You will definitely love them! I am trying to prioritize run club, but I keep having conflicts. Its a bummer.

  3. We have a ton of trails in our area, so we go on family bike rides in the summer. Our kids are young enough that they aren’t embarrassed to be seen in public with us. I am no fool. I know that won’t last!!!

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