April 2015 Recap

I hate to say it, but I’m going to…wasn’t Easter last week?! How did this happen? Per usual, here’s a little recap of my posts from the month.


I made Sweet Potato Tots: a pinterest hack that is super delicious

I also attended the Social Media Breakfast MSP. I thought the topic would be food photography, but instead it covered all things food related. Do chefs hate yelp? Is everyone now able to be a critic? And turn off your flash when taking food photography!

Social Media Breakfast MSP


Class Pass Minneapolis

Fitbit vs VivoFit

*Sponsored in that they were free trials of product, all opinions are always my own! Other business thoughts can be found here.

Classpass Pilates Proworks Reformer


A selfie post also went up, as well as Spring Style! (The elusive pink dress with sleeves was never purchased) I ended up getting a pink tank dress from Old Navy.com that I wore to a wedding this weekend and loved!

Lilly for Target broke a lot of hearts. I managed to secure the starfish bracelet I liked a week later at Edina Target, and saw a few items at Roseville Target, so keep scouring the stores, and you might get lucky!!


  1. I feel the same way about April! March felt like a LONG month but April felt like it was about 2 weeks long. I can not believe that it will be May 1st on Friday!

    That is awesome that you scored a LP bracelet that you liked at the Edina Target!

  2. That’s awesome that you found the Lilly bracelet you really wanted! Perseverance sometimes works out! Do you think you’ll be going to the SMB in May?

  3. Your food photography alone makes me wish I had been able to make it to SMB!! Glad you got to learn about such a wide range of topics though.
    And your Fitbit vs Vivo was a super helpful review for me — not that I’ve actually taken the plunge yet, but it totally helped solidify my gut feeling that fitbit would be better for me, with or without the joys of a silent alarm!

    1. Oh man, I feel like with photography there is always more to learn, especially when you start putting words into your photos to make it more pinterest friendly, all the font options overwhelm me!!

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