Schedules Are Overrated (But Selfies Aren’t)

*Posting 2 hours later than I usually do, because life happens.

I’ve talked plenty about how Type A I am, how I love my planner, and nothing relaxes me more than making a plan and a list.

Lipstick SelfieI managed to break and fix both our office printer and fax machine today. I had to go to the coffee shop to grab a cup of perspective (otherwise known as an iced latte).

MN Blogger Conference 2012 - MeBack in 2012: Selfies weren’t even a thing! But I am so glad I have photo evidence of my first MN Blog Con. You can read the most awkward/rookie recap post here.

Pre Race Nerves Iron Girl BloomingtonI took my road bike on a short spin last night, and have my old mountain bike in the car to get checked out so hopefully I can get a spin on the local trails before I move!

I haven’t been taking selfies lately, but these photos remind me that I’ve come a long way, and I’ll continue to grow, there’s no need to put tons of added pressure on myself. Things will work out as they are supposed to.

What was the last selfie you took?

Do you love schedules? Or do they weigh you down?


  1. The last selfie I took was on Saturday after my run! I hope it’s the last selfie with a winter hat (it was cold when we started our run that day). I love schedules because I like to know what to expect since I’m a major planner. But – I do not like over-scheduled schedules… which is what’s starting to happen in my world as my calendar is filling up!

  2. I’m definitely a schedule girl. Between both jobs, these crazy challenges I’m doing and anything else I throw in there, I feel like I would forget something important without a schedule! And the last selfie I took? Hmmm… I think I tried to take one this afternoon when I was walking for my lunch break! I’m a self-proclaimed selfie queen. 😉

    1. Exactly! I used to take more food/drink pictures, then it evolved into more selfies, and I have no clue what my next main photography will be.

  3. I’m not much for taking selfies but I took a vacation alone last week and my boyfriend kept asking, so I cut myself some slack. I felt really weird taking them but the more I took, the less odd it seemed. As far as a schedule, I am not really a schedule keeper-I am more about time; being early, and doing my daily tasks on a timeline. If I am not home by 8:30 and in bed by 9 on a weeknight, or don’t have all my laundry/cooking/cleaning/ironing done by 5:00 Sunday, I am a wreck the rest of the week.

    1. 9 pm bedtimes are the key to my happiness. I’m rarely asleep before 10, but laying in bed feels so good. I’m not quite as good about being done with things on Sunday, but hopefully I get a good system when I (maybe?) move!

    1. Practice definitely makes perfect with the selfie. When we do our singles patio event we can have a tutorial 😉 Duck faces are better the more beers you have, right?!

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