Sneaky Sweet Potato Tots! (Pinterest Win)

Happy Friday! Looking for something fun for the Easter Weekend? I highly recommend making up a batch of Sweet Potato Tots. I’m not one for recipe development, and my photos are generally iphone shots. But I have to share this with you! Original Recipe Here.

potatopinI’m never very good at following recipes exactly. And I once took a cooking class where the chef said that if you change three ingredients, it can become your own recipe. I’m not sure how I feel about that…but here’s the changes I made.

burger to totI didn’t refrigerate the mixture before forming, but I did refrigerate before cooking. You can also make a batch (or double batch!) and freeze if you’d like. I’ve baked the burgers in the past, but I think they cook best on the stove top, bonus points if you use a little truffle oil.

sweet potato totBloggers: What are your rules for linking the recipes that inspire you?

What foods are you looking forward to this Easter Weekend?

I don’t have “Easter plans” I’m sure we’ll go to church, I’m sure we will eat, but nothing specific. I am running with friends on Saturday morning, and of course we are finishing with SCONES!

P.S. Anyone know how to embed a Pin from Pinterest into a post? This is my mission to learn. But I’m not above asking for help. kthanksbye.



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