Tech Support Wednesday?

Oh man friends. I’ve got a headache going strong, and its all tech related. First of all, I realize these are all 1st world problems, and not having technology is not the end of the world. But with leaving for State Dance tomorrow, and Disney World on Wednesday, I would like to be able to instagram my exciting moments!

I’m currently at the local Verizon store, and after spending a solid hour trying to contact them for an appointment, I gave up, drove the 45ish minutes to the store and am in the process of getting an iPhone 6 (thanks for letting me steal your upgrade Mom!!).

verizon photo booth selfie

I’m also debating a stop at the local Best Buy as I am in the market for a new computer (its been over 6 years, since I bought one) and I’m not a fan with how crazy busy the Apple stores always are. So if Best Buy can handle it, I’m all for not having to cram in the buying/dropping off before my flight on Wednesday, and picking up once I get back on Monday night next week.

So if you’ve text/tweeted/facebook/emailed/instagramed/snapchatted me and I haven’t responded, its not that I don’t love you, its that I am probably attempting and not able to contact you back.

Please tell me you’ve experienced a similar tech frustration in the past… If you haven’t I hope you’re having a great week! And if you’re not having a great week, let’s bond over some wine tonight, cause it is Wine Wednesday, right?


    1. The backing up of my 5s and restoring onto my 6 was so seamless I am still impressed! I’m liking the bigger screen, but I miss my old case as it had a great pocket for id/credit card. Now I’ve got to get back into carrying a purse/wristlet.

  1. Ugh, dealing with phone/technology issues is so frustrating! I replaced my phone a little over a year ago just in the knick of time as it was DYING. And I also bought a new computer around the same time so I felt like I was bleeding money but it’s been great to have a reliable computer.

    1. Glad to know I’m not alone in the phone and computer purchases in one day! It was a long morning of buying, but hopefully it all works out (i haven’t gotten the computer back yet from the data transfer, and I am nervous!!)

  2. I have dealt with intermittent phone outages at work all week-first the building’s elevator emergency phones weren’t working, then nobody could dial outgoing calls in my office. So on top pf being swamped after taking a few days off, I am on the phone (my cell phone) with the phone company arranging to get them fixed, but of course when they are troubleshooting, they are fine and **I’M** the crazy one. I can never decide if I love or hate technology.

    1. AHH! I’m pretty sure I hate technology as it has changed so many things. There are positives, but it will be interesting to see how technology changes in the coming years.

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