YMCA: Indoor Triathlon January 2015

It amazes me that January is almost over, usually the month drags, but this year it flew! Hopefully February does the same. Before I give you my monthly recap (coming on Friday!) I thought I should share my results from the first indoor Triathlon of 2015 at the Brainerd YMCA.

Swim: 20 minutes. 775 yards (.44 miles) I haven’t been swimming much, so I was looking forward to seeing how my body would handle straight swimming without breaks. I spent the entire 20 minutes counting to 3 over and over. It helped me breathe and kept me relaxed. There was no point to push my body when I had 2 sports to go.

triathlon selfieBike: 1 hour. 14.5 miles. I hadn’t gone to spin in over a month, so I was quite sure what would happen on the bike. I decided to keep my RPM’s steady while increasing the resistance. I think I had the lowest mileage in the class, but I was happy with the effort I put out.

brainerdindoortriPhoto via the Brainerd YMCA facebook page.

Run: 40 minutes. 2.96 miles. It’s been a couple weeks so I don’t remember what my strategy was for the run.

Overall: this was all about getting back into the triathlon swing of things. I wasn’t trying to beat myself up, I knew my training was weak in December, and I wanted to start 2015 on a good note!


    1. Aww, thank you!! I’m definitely not speedy, but the semi-regular check ins with my endurance level help me know how I’m doing fitness wise.

    1. AWESOME!!! The Brainerd Y has a day pass for $10, or for $50 you can get a 6 day pass (to be used whenever you like, not necessarily 6 days in a row). That’s how I find the time to practice on my own. There are more and more inexpensive indoor tris, especially at Lifetime facilities, I would highly recommend checking them out. At least for me, I liked the experience as it lessened my race day nerves when it was time for my first outdoor/”real” tri.

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