Chance Chat 2015 #3: Critical Things

This pin is a new one, I usually choose a simple quote, not a list of things…but this one feels relevant. I’ve been guilty of tolerating/accepting a few of these.

2015 critical things #2 and #5 are the ones that really stick out. Both are because of my own actions. I have no one to blame but myself. Sometimes I’ve tolerated something because I felt trapped, I wasn’t willing to make a change or take a chance.

I also think that tolerating one of these things can result in tolerating more of them. It’s a slippery slope, if you’re unhappy at work, negative (#6) and compensating by shopping or eating out too much, which results in #7 and #8.

An unhealthy lifestyle could result in #4 and #5, and more than likely you aren’t communicating (#12).

It can be hard to stop accepting these circumstances. You may be afraid, or feel trapped. Sometimes I think you have to ignore your fear. Make a small change. You might not be able to quit your job right away, but you could clean up your resume, or renegotiate your hours at work with your boss.

I once had to schedule some ongoing doctor appointments and had to let my boss know that I was scheduling them either at the beginning of the day or the very end to reduce the interruption at work, but that I couldn’t skip the appointments. It wasn’t a conversation I wanted to have, but I knew that getting those appointments and working on feeling better was so much more important than the fear of what my boss would say.

Are currently accepting one of these intolerable things? Or have you overcome one of them and have a tip/trick to share?


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  1. SO true! I’m prone to a few of those myself and constantly working on it as I know it’s a slippery slope to others if not handled and taken care of in a timely manner. The important thing is that we are AWARE of them because it takes being aware to know there’s a change that needs to be made!

    1. Yes! Being aware is the first step! (and thank you for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it!).

  2. love how ‘too much stuff’ and ‘living without fun’ are included on this list – two things that are very important to me (a minimalist that loves fun) but not generally considered very important by society-at-large.

    1. I think the tide is turning for all the “stuff” people may try to turn minimalism into a profit, but I do think it’s slowly changing. As for fun, we need more people like you to remind us!

  3. Unhealthy lifestyle–I really need a workout routine. I’ll feel better & I’ll be a better wife & mother. It’s just a fact–when I take better care of myself I’m better for everyone around me.

    1. Establishing a workout routine can be so hard! Anytime I’ve had a job switch it has taken me months to get something that works. And with you having kiddos who keep on growing, what works best will probably change over the years.

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