Christmas: and all its emotions.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! My cold from last week is still lingering, and Christmas Day will be two weeks since I started feeling under the weather. I’m kicking myself now because if I had just laid low this past weekend maybe it would be gone by now…instead I visited with friends who are home from the holidays, celebrated an engagement, and took an ill-advised nap after work on Monday, which resulted in in not sleeping last night. MERRYLITTLECHRISTMASI’m in the middle of a lack of Christmas cheer mixed with a little FOMO (fear of missing out) and the aforementioned sickness. I’m sure it will turn around, especially once it actually is Christmas (the build up to the holiday is what actually gets me down). I felt it was important to share these feelings in case there were others that feel like something is “wrong” that they aren’t baking cookies, revealing in love, or celebrating in some other fabulous way.

If you are baking cookies, revealing in love, and being fabulous, good for you! I would never want to rob you of your joy. My official last Peace Perspective will be up on Sunday, but this photo find from Pinterest also needed to be shared. No matter what your tradition is, or what new tradition you start, I hope you have a Merry Little Christmas. There doesn’t need to be tons of people, treats, or presents. Sometimes its good to just enjoy the quiet.



  1. Thanks for sharing this!! I’m suffering from a bit of the same — feeling downish, not embracing the baking and the wrapping and the decorating as much as I usually do. Thanks for the reminder that not only is it ok, but that Christmas is actually about Christmas. 🙂

  2. Girl, FEEL better!! But I get it…being on the road this Christmas has been getting to me more than I thought it would. I’ve spent Christmas and other holidays away from my family before but it wasn’t until I was fighting with the post office after they didn’t deliver a box my dad sent to my sister’s house for me (she had already flown home for Christmas) that I realized how much it was getting to me. I broke down crying to the lady and explained my entire situation. I think that was when they felt bad and realized the only ounce of Christmas I’m going to get was in that box and their alternatives weren’t going to work this time. But I hope you have a great holiday and feel better. Drink lots of ginger tea! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I actually woke up this morning without feeling the need to cough for 20 minutes, so there is improvement! I hope the post office was able to do some switching and give you a little Christmas Cheer, being on the road/away from family is definitely difficult. But I think your mission overall will be worth it.

  3. I totally get it. Well at least I get not being too excited about all the build up. I’m a huge fan of baking cookies but for some reason…I did this year and felt like a bit of a failure. I’m also not super into I would rather just hang out with people so it’s so stressful trying to find things for people. BUT I know I will have fun hanging out with family and eating yummy foods! Hope your Christmas feelings turn around when you’re with your fam! ❤

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