Peace Perspective L: Bloom Whereever You Want.

It’s been a while since I’ve disagreed with a photo, so this week is the time! My life the last couple years has been blooming where I was originally planted. I have loved my time at home, I still love it. But lately I’ve been thinking about the next step. And its exciting!

Bloom Whereever I have no plans of moving yet, my job is secure, I like living at home (most of the time). But for those aren’t happy with where they are. I vote that you move wherever you think you will best bloom! I love Duluth, especially when it isn’t the busy summer tourist season. I love the cities, especially in the winter and spring, when there are fun things going on that the Northern small towns don’t usually have.

I don’t love the idea of moving out of Minnesota. I like being able to drive to see friends within a couple hours. I don’t want a plane schedule, or a 8-12 hour drive dictating when I can see my family.

I say Bloom where you like. You might not be able to make it there in one move. It may take some time to find the right spot for you. But that is just fine. We aren’t delicate flowers, we can adapt, we might need to ask for help, and there is nothing wrong with that.

What are your thoughts? Do you bloom where you’re planted? or Do you want to move around like me?



  1. I want to move someplace warmer, but I can’t feasibly do that right now. Instead, I have to bloom where I am right now. So I totally can see both sides of that perspective.

  2. I also disagree with ‘bloom where you are planted’. Moving to Charlotte showed me that you can’t be happy anywhere. Maybe there are people who can be but I am not one of them. I knew I wouldn’t like Charlotte because it didn’t have what I needed out of a city, which is the close proximity of family, culture, a vibrant downtown, water, and a whole bunch of other things.

    I’ll be curious to see where you end up next!!!

  3. I am a gypsy at heart and find things I love about every place I visit or live. This year was huge for our family as we moved to a new state and are pretty much starting over. It isn’t easy, but we really love it here and feel like we’re home in the mountains!

  4. Even though I’m happy where I am, I totally agree with you! And who knows, one day, it might feel right to pick up and move and bloom somewhere else 🙂

  5. I both & agree & disagree with you–I agree that if something isn’t right, then move on & bloom there. But I disagree in the sense that I *try* to look on the positive side wherever I am, you know, find the light where you are currently. Just another interpretation of “bloom where you are planted.” But overall, yes, if you can’t bloom where you are planted, then find your sunshine. 🙂

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