Peace Perspective XLIX: To The Chaos

In the final weeks of 2014 I’m trying to finish out my thoughts on Peace before we have a new year and a new outlook. I haven’t announced my word for 2015, but I’ve started my new Pinterest board. Can you guess what it is?

Peace to the ChaosIf you click the above picture it will bring you to the She Reads Truth blog post where I found this photo. I definitely err on the side of busy and moving and not resting. Which is why I needed Peace for 2014. I needed to take a breath, see the good, and let things unfold without meddling. And I do feel that God brought peace to my chaos. Sometimes life is still busy, but I can still find a quite moment or two, whether its when I come home after dance and slowly eat dinner, or as I make my coffee in the morning, and read through new blog posts. Life may not have peace every moment of every day, but I have been able to find a moment of peace each day.

Where do you find Peace? Can you find it on a daily basis?

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  1. I tend to be a busy body that jumps from one task or social event to the next without much downtime, so I think finding peace is not something that comes naturally for me. But it’s something I’ve learned that I need. I find peace running outdoors, especially by myself, reading, enjoying a cup of coffee, and going for walks.

  2. I also struggle to find peace. I need to be constantly doing something, fitting as much into one day as possible. Walking the dog in the morning helps, its our way of slowly waking up and taking in a little moment together.

  3. I struggle with finding peace in the chaos of 2 small kids of my own & 2 other small kids I watch 3 days/week…but the most peaceful I am is when I’m reading. Or writing. I have to make time for that or I’m lost.

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