St. Paul Turkey Trot 10k 2014

Twas the morning of thanksgiving, and all through the crowd, people were checking their sanity, and ready to run. (I’m not a poet).

Turkey Trot 10k St Paul Start LineMy Aunt’s family attended the race last year and invited me to participate. While some of them don’t run often, they are natural athletes and I knew they’d be faster than me. But with the cold weather we all did our own race. I started the run with my cousin, but at one point I got caught behind some people while she weaved through the crowd faster than me. (below photo where we wondered why we were awake and doing this).

Crazy Winter RunningI passed the 11:30 min/mile pacer and figured they would catch back up to me eventually. As that has been about my pace the last couple weeks. I knew I was running faster than that, and I knew that I wasn’t going to hold it for 6.2 miles.

Thankfully my watch was under multiple layers, so I couldn’t see my pace at any point during the race. After the second mile I gave up on seeing my relatives and started slowing down. The turn around at mile 3 was welcome, as was the water.

Mile 4 was tough. I was slow, cold, and questioning why I signed up when I knew my family runs faster than me. I wondered why I bothered to continue to do these races, I paid $40 for the race and it wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t already know. I’m most comfortable at a 12 min mile, for about 4 miles. The only thing that kept me from walking the last 2 miles was knowing the the faster I was done, the sooner I could sit on my grandma’s couch.

Meeting up with the 5k race actually helped. Instead of being irritated that I needed to bob and weave around them. I embraced their energy. They were moving at a faster pace, and the 10k crowd had been thin before they merged in. The finish line was crowded. There was no clear direction on where the 5k medals, 10k medals, or food was. I weaved through the crowd for the 10k medal, took a quick picture and found my family members. We were going to get coffee right there, but it was too crowded so we drove towards my grandparent’s house and stopped at a different caribou.

Caribou Coffee and Turkey Trot MedalThe ginger snap mocha is a new favorite of mine! So sugary that I shouldn’t have had a medium, but it kept me full until the Thanksgiving feast that afternoon. And while we enjoyed our caribou, I pulled up my Race Page, and found that my last 10k (and also my first 10k was back in January 2013), despite my negative self talk during the St. Paul Turkey Trot, I managed to beat that time and get a PR!



  1. Nice job! I always give props to people that run races. Looks like so much fun yet so hard all at the same time!

  2. Nice race. I had many MN friends running on Thanksgiving and it was freeeeezing, so way to stick with it and run your own race. Woohoooo for a PR!

    1. Thank you! To be fair, the other 10k was my first ever. But it does make me want to find a late spring/early summer 10k and see what could happen!

  3. congrats, katie! i’ve always wanted to do a 10k (i’ve only ever done the 5k) and i’m thinking this summer might be my time? have the baby and then put on the running shoes? hopefully!!

    1. That’s a great idea! My friend Eliie did her first half marathon prebaby, and is planning on doing some races this spring/summer, she figures that by pushing a stroller when training, it will make the actual race seem like a breeze!

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