Late Fall Workout Routine

The weather is starting to cool, so the outdoor runs that I’ve been squeezing in are going to take a little LOT more willpower. Thankfully, I’ve got a full schedule, so I don’t feel too guilty for not getting outside!

*Note: I am not a doctor and have slowly worked my way up to this level of activity. Please go slow when starting a new workout program and consult a doctor if you have any questions.

The Yoga Sculpt classes I teach are up to 4 classes per week, plus varying weekends. I also am helping coach the High School Dance Teams, its so good to give back to my community and work with the high school girls. Plus it gives me something to do on the week nights, which tend to get a little boring.

Late Fall Workout PlanTuesday mornings I am trying very hard to get up at 4:45 so I go to Spin class at the Y in Brainerd. I could/should get on the treadmill after for a brick run. But I’m easing back into it.

Swimming isn’t on this schedule. I really want to be swimming once a week. But can’t dedicate the time yet. I’ve got some space on Wednesday night, but with teaching Yoga Sculpt Thursday morning, I’m hesitant to make swimming a commitment.

The Disney Princess Half Marathon is 4 months away. I haven’t looked into training plans yet, but that will need to happen soon! Anyone have a plan that they love?



  1. You fit so much into your weeks – that is impressive! I am not training for anything right now which usually means I don’t feel very motivated but I have been making a workout schedule for myself every Sunday and that seems to help!

  2. Oh and you had asked in a comment if the book I reviewed yesterday read like Erik Larsen books usually do and I can’t say as I’ve never read anything by him (but plan to eventually). It was a little slow at parts and took some effort to get through but I did like it… and you have got to check out the Cuban place when you are in Minneapolis next. Plus it’s in a really cute neighborhood!

    1. I’ve always done Hal’s beginner plans, and love them! I should look for a plan that acknowledges treadmill runs, because I don’t like outdoor running in the snow. But I bet Hal’s plan is what I will do if I get too lazy to look for something new!

  3. so fun that you’re helping the local dance team! i was on dance/cheer in high school, and i’d love to help with something like that! also, i’m more than a little jealous of your disney princess 1/2 marathon – that sounds so, so fun!

    1. Its a lot of fun! Especially working with 7th graders who are learning so much every day! I bet you would be great at helping with cheer/dance some day!

  4. I like the books Run like a mother and Train like a mother. Train like a mother has training plans for all different races (5k to marathon) and has different plans for beginning, intermediate, advanced. At least I think I’m remembering correctly. The book is geared toward moms, but the training plans would work for anyone. I like that they include a fair amount of cross training. Good luck choosing a plan. Fun!

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