MNBlogCon 2014 Recap

The 2014 Minnesota Blogger’s Conference was exactly what I needed. This was my third year attending, and every year I like it a little bit more. I was able to see old friend MPLS Gossip Girl, who I met the first time attended, and Being Zhenya who I met last year, as well as made a ton of new friends, friends of friends, and traveled to the conference with my best friend More than Just Dessert. (buckle up for a long post, I’m giving you a full recap on all the sessions I attended).

Katie Looking Forward and More Than Just Dessert

After opening remarks, I headed to Visual Marketing: How to Promote Your Blog (and Brand) with Images by Tai Goodwin. This is something I wish I was a little better at. I’ve come a long way from when I started blogging, and my use of photos has picked up in the last year. But I hope to someday take a class on editing, so I can expanded my knowledge and use better photos. (If you know of one, please let me know!)

The second session I attended was Blogging for the Brain by Katie Konrath. This session could have been much longer because I feel like big topics were touched on, but not expanded on. However you can see my favorite tweet from the session below.

This thought process is great for me, as I tend to be a little too negative when giving feedback. By phrasing it as “wish for” it is much more positive!

After a lunch break, we had a long keynote speech from Dan R. Morris of Blogging Concentrated. He did a great job of keeping us engaged for the entire session, I especially liked his talk about Ironman.

Dan’s thought process on unsubscribing is something I wish everyone could hear! When someone unsubscribes from your blog, it may not be due to your content, but rather that their needs have changed. So someone who’s just getting into 5k’s may follow a similar runner, but once they want to do a marathon, they follow a blogger who runs marathons, and if they decide to do an ironman, they follow an ironman blogger. The 5k blogger never did anything wrong, they served their purpose and now the reader has moved “up the ladder” although I would choose “down the road” as the 5k blogger doesn’t want to feel low on the totem poll, but rather at the beginning of the journey.

For the final two sessions of the day, I was volunteering as room helper. The first session was a panel which was titled Search Engine Marketing for Bloggers.  This is one of those panels where the topic pretty much went over my head. They were speaking from a pretty technical point, and that is not my strong suit. However, I did learn that blog post titles are optimal at 65 characters. Adam Dine was on the panel, and also had a separate session which Emily said was super helpful.

Finally I attended Finding Joy‘s session on The Science of Facebook Reach, while many people claim that “Facebook is dead” and the only way to be seen is to pay. Rachel disagrees. She recommended knowing your audience and when to post (9 pm for mommy bloggers) as well as understanding that any “like”, “comment”, “share”, “see more”, or “click” over to your site, are all rated the same in the current Facebook algorithm. So feel free to write as much as you like before giving the link to your post. If people are clicking “see more” or clicking over to your website then Facebook knows that people are engaging with what you are posting.

Psycho Suzis Parking Lot

Post Conference drinks and fresh air were a requirement. So Emily and I headed over to Psycho Suzi’s for their deck (perk of traveling with another blogger, they take as many photos as you do (if not more!)). I hadn’t been to the new location, so it took a minute to figure out that the upstairs rooftop is actually a different drink menu than the downstairs drink menu. But we got it figured out and enjoyed dinner before driving home.

Did you attend the Minnesota Bloggers Conference? Would you like to attend mnblogcon in the future?


  1. katie- thank you! i almost feel like i was that the conference 🙂 great tips, especially about photo editing and remembering that people often unfollow for reasons that have little to do with you personally ❤

  2. Great recap. There was so much useful info at the conference. I’m keep reviewing my notes and finding new nuggets of wisdom that were shared.

    It was great to finally meet you in person, too. Glad you had a good time and a safe trip home!

  3. I am having so much fun reading everyone’s recaps! It’s interesting to see what stuck out most to others, and to get some extra info from those who attended sessions that I didn’t go to. Thanks for sharing!

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