Peace Perspective XLI: Enough

Sometimes I feel like everyone is so focused on what they aren’t, they don’t take the time to enjoy what they ARE. (Is that grammatically correct? I don’t really care).

enoughI love goals. I love working towards things. I love taking something I’ve never done, giving it a try, and seeing what happens. It’s not about being the best, its about learning something new.

Smart-er, fast-er, strong-er, slimm-er, So what. Where you are right now is enough.

You don’t need to win everything you compete in. You don’t need to finish everything you start. Sometimes doing whatever you can is unbelievably enough.



Does this peace perspective comfort you? Or are you rolling your eyes? No judgement either way, I’m just curious!


  1. imma with ya on the goal-setting for the sake of striving/trying and not just winning or succeeding. i actually read in the happiness project that setting and working toward goals actually makes us happier 🙂

  2. I’m nodding my head along because I feel like this is something I struggle with. I’m always working towards something and asking myself, ‘what next?’ and I fail to acknowledge or appreciate things as they are… so posts like these are a good reminder to find a way to see who I am and what I’ve achieved as enough.

    1. That’s how I feel too! Working towards new goals is great, but we all have limits, and its good to acknowledge that what we have done is completely enough.

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