Kiss This: Lipstick 101

I’m a low maintenance girl. I rarely wear a full face of makeup. But in the last year I’ve started adding lipstick to my daily routine. At first it was for special occasions, then fun weekends, and now I’ve built to having 4 colors that I rotate between depending on the situation.

lipstick101Back in December last year I was gifted Clique’s Chubby Stick. The “chunky cherry” color was light, the balm wasn’t sticky, and I didn’t have to worry about going outside the lines of my lips and looking sloppy. (I’ve also used the “oversized orange” and love that for summer looks!)

La Colors Cherry Red LipstickIn February I was at the State Dance tournament and wanted to go a little more bold. I used a lipstick that I got as a bridal shower favor. The brand is LA Colors and the color is Cherry Red, unfortunately I can’t find a good link for it online.  I like how it lasts, but the color is pretty extreme. I also wore it during my Blend trip to Des Moines. When my favorite lipstick/chapstick went missing.

Vikings Tailgate SelfieIn May I discovered Burt’s Bee’s Rhubarb Lip Shimmer and it is hands down my favorite! It has the tingly feeling you get from Burts Bees chapstick, with a nice color that compliments without feeling over the top.

Lipstick Selfie My newest Lipstick is from Lancome Rouge in Love, color: Midnight Crush. The 6 hour wear was perfect while being a personal attendant. The color is a darker pink, which was perfect for the fall weather.

Do you save lipstick for special occasion? Or have you been wearing it all along? If so, share your favorite brand/color!


    1. The burts bees would be perfect for you! beware the lighter shades, they have too much shimmer/glitter for me.

  1. I am really basic makeup wise (when I wear it)… I have 3 shades of lipstick that are pretty close in color that I always wear. I do have 1 bolder color for dressing up, but I keep things in a more neutral tone most of the time on my lips… it’s eye-liner I like to play with, I have about 10 different colors that I rotate through.

    1. I love fun eye liner!! I’ve got a turquoise that I pull out for fun occasions, and a dark purple when I want a subtle change.

  2. As a makeup hoarder I could write a novel here…but I won’t. Check out the Tarte sticks, fantastic colors! I also really love Maybelline Color Whisper.

  3. I’m all about my eyeliner! 95% of the time that’s all I wear. But when I do want to look extra spiffy, I add a lip stain gloss. Maybelline SuperStay 10HR Stain Gloss…zomg. I wear it in Pleasing Plum, and it is the ONLY lip color I’ll wear. And then I went to put it on the other day and I couldn’t find it. Super sadface. Annnnyway I like the color in the first pic of you! It complements your skin tone really well.

    1. Good to know about Aveda! I’ve used their makeup in the past, but haven’t recently, I’ll check that out next!

  4. I love the look and idea behind lipstick. I’ve just never done it so now would be so out of place on my natural face. I only wear mascara (daily) and liner and eyeshadow (rarely). Maybe I just need to break in a new look! lol

    1. I only wear mascara a couple times a week, but the burts bees is a great way to do a little something without feeling over the top.

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