A to Z list for Personal Attandants

*title caught your eye? Scroll to the bottom. Want to hear about my weekend? Keep reading.

Wedding season has come to a close! I think I went to 5 weddings this summer, and for this one I was a personal attendant! The bride and I are friends from high school, and love going on runs/walks/yoga classes when we have a chance. It was so wonderful to see these two come together as they were high school sweethearts, and I have had the pleasure of watching their love grow for almost a decade!

wedreher Earlier this summer/fall I attended a Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower it’s important to remember when you are asked to be a part of someone’s wedding to really think about what you are able to participate in, and what might be asked of you. If you have concerns, talk it out right away. I was one of four personal attendants, and while that may have seemed crazy during the rehearsal dinner, we realized it was completely worth it half way through the day. Also worth it, bringing Mimosas to the hair salon.

Cupcake ProseccoFlower care was a huge reason for needing the four personal attendants. We pinned boutineers on all the groomsmen, dads, ushers, hosts, and speakers. We also were the carriers of the bridesmaids, bride, and flower girls bouquets from the pictures, to the ceremony, to the reception. And how gorgeous were those flowers? Wonderful for a fall wedding without seeming too orange.

Fall Wedding FlowersFor those of you who are wondering….I ended up choosing dress 4. When we were talking pictures outside I wished I had dress 3 on, as it would have been warmer, but dress 4 was perfect for the whole day (especially when I was sweaty on the dance floor!). I’ll share a photo of it once they are available from the photographer.

Finally the A to Z list. You may remember the last time I was a personal attendant, if not you can click here. From that wedding and this wedding I have the A to Z list of everything you need to be a personal attendant. Some are tangible items, some are the state of mind, and I also recommend being close to a Target, as I know many people made a quick stop there at some point during the weekend.

A to Z list for Personal AttendantsDo you have any more wedding this year? What do you always make sure to pack for a wedding weekend?


  1. Love this list. Last year I was a personal attendant and carried arounda huge duffel bag of items. Funny how many things you need and would never have thought of!

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