Peace Perspective XXXIX: Keep Looking

Did you know my blog was almost called “Katie Moving Forward”? I intended the “moving” to indicate that I liked to workout. A friend interpreted it as I was moving away from something.

Steve Jobs Quote Keep LookingAlmost 3 years later I’m glad I chose Katie Looking Forward. I attended a Lakes Area Multisport meeting this week and our theme was “Off Season Training”. I haven’t picked an “A race” for 2015 yet. Usually by this time of the year I know what I want to focus on. Instead I’m still rocking the Couch to 5k Training, and my knee has continued to be slightly bothered since my bike trip.

Instead of being irritated, I’m just waiting, the right race or goal will come along. If I haven’t felt a connection to something specific, it must be for a reason.

What are you looking for these days?


  1. I hope your knee starts feeling better. And I love your perspective. You’re right — the right race/goal will come along and you’ll know when it does because you’ll feel it!

    1. I’m so glad you understand the “This is the race for me feeling” a teammate of mine said “just sign up, then you’ll have to do it” but I can’t get behind that idea. I already know that I can finish, now I want to finish with my best. And I’ve got to dig deep to find it.

  2. I’m kind of looking for my workout mojo to come back after being sick for so long. It’s slowly but surely coming back. I want to sign up for a race though because that always motivates me! There’s an ugly sweater run in Nebraska…you should do it with me. 😉

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