Thursday Things from the Internet

It’s Thursday! I hope you are having a great week, it’s been a roller coaster for me, but I’ve found some good things around the internet that I thought I should share!

  • Kindness seems to be the theme of 2014, I loved Galit’s orginial 12 Secretes Happily Married Women Know. But her rebuttal is even better. Check it out here.
  • Kim posted about Unfollowing, its such a tricky spot to be in. But I think its important to remember to “have a thick skin and an elastic heart” especially for those in blogging.

Thick Skin Elastic HeartThe blog world has so many people in it, there is no way to read and love everyone, but you can appreciate them for what they are and what they put out in the world. And if they don’t make you happy in your newsfeed, feel free to unfollow them. Or just take a full on social media break like Katie is doing.

P.S. As a flashback to the last time I specifically posted on a Thursday, “Typical Thursday Thankfulness” was fun to re-read. So many friendships have grown in the last year!



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