#BlendDSMtakeover (Weekend Recap)

Happy Monday My Friends! I spent the weekend with blog friends (aka Blends) in Des Moines, Iowa. The only place I had been in Iowa prior to this weekend was Luther college, and that was only to play rugby, so it was great to explore more of the Southern State!

Roadtrip to Des MoinesI left work at 11 am Friday to drive to Emily’s house. From there we drove to Des Moines, with a necessary ice cream stop about half way. We made sure to be hungry when we came into Des Moines because dinner was at BBQ joint Jethros. I loved the Pulled Chicken Philly. The evening was wrapped up with Cards Against Humanity, the best game to get to know friends better.

Des Moines Saturday PlansSaturday morning we went to the Farmers Market, Mullets, Jasper Winery and dinner at Bar Louie. If it seemed like all we did was eat and drink…..you’d be right! I had coffee, grilled cheese and kombucha at the farmers market. Mullets atmosphere was very interesting, many people on bikes (pedal not motorcycle) were there, and I would love to do a long ride and finish there! Jasper Winery had a 11 wines which we tasted for $10 everyone had a different favorite. Bar Louie had delicious drinks, I would definitely recommend going there for a happy hour!

The Machine Shed Brunch BuffetSunday Alex, Amanda, Katie and I went for a run/walk and talk, it felt amazing to get up and get moving, especially as we then settled down for one last meal. Brunch Buffet at The Machine Shed. While I was sad to leave all my friends, I was very happy to sleep in my own bed.

What did you do this weekend? Have you had a blend trip lately?

Have you met my blends? Mollie graciously hosted us and has the coolest daugther. Katie is about to take off for 50 States, Amanda is a sweetheart originally from Omaha, Emily‘s heart is shared between Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota (even if I force the Minnesota love), Alex is crazy busy between graduate school and wedding planning, Traci I met this weekend and am so excited to watch her house progress, and finally Kristin who I also met for the first time this weekend, and just scrolling through her posts I already love her writing.

*Thank you Amanda for the Cards Against Humanity Photo, and Emily for the photo of me eating Grilled Cheese.


  1. Looks like an awesome weekend that I’m uber jealous of! And now I want a brownie sundae from coldstone. And I love how long your hair is getting. And miss your face too.
    That’s enough random ramblings for one comment!

    1. You’re the best! The sundae was delicious, but it was missing peanut butter. My hair will be donated….eventually. 🙂

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