Peace Perspective XXXIII: Messy

Happy Sunday Friends! I’m typing this on Friday before I go to the cities for some errands, the Katy Perry Concert (I’m most excited about seeing Kacey Musgraves open), and when this publishes I’ll be at the Lake Country Triathlon getting my transition set up! But before I race, I have to share my thoughts on Messy with you.

William Leal Quote MessyThis may as well be the caption of my “about me” photo. I woke up late every day last week. I did take the time to pick up my room a little, only to have to pack and send it back into a disaster. My hair isn’t much better. I usually shower and leave without blow drying or styling. It means I don’t have any heat damage from styling, but it also means I am permanently in a pony tail if I want to look “polished”.

My words aren’t much better, I have plenty of ideas of what I would like this blog to look like, but I have implemented zero of them. Maybe once its winter I’ll take the time to learn. The heart is an entirely different matter. At this point I’m not sure if I’m being picky, or if I’m not putting myself “out there”.

Life…. is really a statement that can’t be completed. As much as I like these Peace Perspectives there is no way I can find one quote to encompass everything in life. I am glad that this quote accepts that everything is messy. And that is okay.

What’s messy in your life right now? Are you embracing it? Or trying to clean it?



  1. katy perry concert? girl, that’s way more lucky than messy! but ah, i feel ya on how hectic things are right now – maybe it’s just summer closing and fall beginning and frantically trying to fit in all things?

  2. My brain! It’s all over the place and lately I can hardly finish a sentence or remember most things. I’m trying to be somewhat easy on myself as it will take time to “clean up.”

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