Life Lately: August 2014

Hello Friends, for a day or two I thought I was going to be doing my Peace Perspectives without a post in between! Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Running the Deerwood Summerfest 5k! I signed up last week thinking I would have a bunch of friends running, turns out I ran on my own, without music, but with my watch. I was pumped with my time 32 minutes and 18 seconds (or something) only to read last year’s review…Oh well!

deerwood summerfest 5kAs soon as the race was done I headed home to get ready for another wedding! At the beginning of the summer I thought I didn’t have many weddings this year…yet somehow I’ve managed to attend 4 already, and have one more in the fall!

Aztec Print DressOn Monday, Missy posted about Secrets and it got me thinking about how the saying “a picture says a thousand words” is kind of crap. Pictures can be posed and edited to look however you like. But only the people in the photo and taking the photo know how the photo shoot went, what was said, and their interpretations of the photo shoot may change over time.

summer coldMonday afternoon my throat was feeling a little sore, Tuesday I had a runny nose, chose super light weights for my sculpt class, and had a restless night tossing, turning, and not really breathing.

computerYesterday we had our computers updated, and I’ll save you from reading the texts that I sent my friend Emily, but let’s just say it didn’t go as planned….Which I should have expected.

What have you been up to this week?



    1. yes! and so true, the greatest insta pictures usually have a funny story about how exactly the person was able to take that picture!

  1. I’m totally coming down with the same cold! I had a sore throat on Saturday and Sunday and felt generally run down on Sunday. Could have been Ragnar though. 🙂 Now my nose is running like crazy. I hate summer colds! I’m drinking Airborne like it’s my job.

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