Run for the Dump 2014: Quarter Marathon

I didn’t talk about it much leading up to it, but last weekend was my hometown‘s annual Aitkin Riverboat Days celebration. Included in the weekend is the Run to the Dump, Minnesota’s Oldest Quarter Marathon.

run to the dump 2014I was up late Friday night visiting with friends who came up north for the weekend, they were game for running the next morning, so we made sure to get in bed before midnight. I was up at 6:15 so I could drink a cup of coffee, and we stopped by registration at 7 am. We hopped on the early bus and waited at the lake access before the race started.

Mile 1: My knees were mad, my feet were mad, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to finish the race.

Mile 2: Trail begins the soft ground was a welcome change.

Mid way- Jim’s water stop. The course goes through his property and he is sweet enough to provide water.

Mile 3: Trail becomes field, the sun starts to feel hot.

Mile 4: Wishing second water stop was still available, I think the cub scout got his directions wrong as he was at the 3 mile mark and I didn’t need water again yet.

Mile 5: Back on the road, body is in less pain than it was during Mile 1, but quads are starting to warn me of fatigue.

Mile 6: Almost there! Curious of time as I didn’t have watch or music.

Finish: 1:20:ish. Downed some water, and then headed home for breakfast, lake and bloody mary’s!


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