Bachelorette Party Planning Tips

Hola Friends! I hope you are having a fabulous Friday! We are in the height of wedding season which also means you may be attending or planning a bachelorette party soon! I came across this list from Cosmopolitan, and I must disagree with them. There is no need for 15 bullet points about bachelorette partying.

Bachelorette Party Planning listEarlier this summer I helped host a Bachelorette party for a dear friend and we had a “Swimming and Sundresses Weekend.” It was low key and a ton of fun! Also, because we were staying at my parents house, the price for each attendee was $25 which was to cover the cost of the wine tasting that we hired someone to do for us!

Bachelorette Wine Tasting#1. Champagne: Discuss with the Bride how much alcohol she wants during the party. Some Brides want all the booze in the world, some don’t. No judgement here, but its always good to know what the Bride wants.

#2. Humiliation: This includes but is not limited the plastic penis toys that can be purchased in the form of veils, straws, necklaces, whistles, whatever. Some Brides love them, some Brides leave them.

Bachelorette Lake Party#3. Activities: I am personally not a fan of “suck for a buck” or scavenger hunts, but I completely understand that some kind of game/event is needed to fill the time. We chose swimming, and later paddle boarding.

#4. Snacks and Water: I’m now at the age where hangovers are the worst, and the possibilities of someone being invited who is pregnant is good. Bring more snacks than you think you will need, leftovers are better than being desperately hungry for a snack.

Bachelorette Party Menu Idea#5. Music:Background music is a great way to loosen up the group, especially if there are people that don’t know each other well.

What do you like to include during bachelorette parties?

Like this? Check out my old post about being a Personal Attendant! I will be one once again this fall, so expect another non-bride wedding post soon!


  1. Love that you hired someone for a wine tasting- how fun!! I think that list is absolutely perfect. I always like parties that have some sort of moving vehicle involved- a boat, a pedal pub, tubing down a river or a limo is always fun 🙂

    1. I agree, some kind of moving vehicle is great! I haven’t done a pedal pub yet, but I hope to soon!

    1. Some brides might want a surprise or two thrown in, but I think they should at least get some input to the plan!

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