July 2014 Recap

As per usual, the fourth of July seems like last week, but somehow tomorrow is August 1! I didn’t take a fireworks picture, but I did managed to get an amazing sunset photo on the 5th of July.

Serpent Lake Crosby MNThis month I was very focused on my first triathlon! I will have another one at the end of August so I plan on continuing my workouts, but knowing that I’ve completed one has been such a relief! You can see my posts on the open water swim, training, race plan, race recap, and what gear I recommend for beginners. (each word links to the corresponding post in case you missed it!)

Beginner Triathlon GearI still made time for friends and for wine with almond pairings, because I’m not a machine and summer is a great time to get together!

My peace perspectives continue, in those from this month you can tell that there have been plenty of hard days that weren’t documented on the blog, but this one may be the truest.

Jodi Picoult QuoteWhat page would you like to complete in August? I will be focusing on having a little more fun and a little less structure!



    1. Well thank you!! Now I’m trying to figure out what race will be “A” race for next year…I am not comfortable with it being August, but my july was pretty stressful, so I am happy to put that behind me.

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