Beginner Triathlon Gear

Hello Friends! Its been a crazy week but I’m popping in to share my beginner triathlon gear. I’ve gotten lots of questions lately and want to have a place I can direct everyone. Please note that Triathlon gear can get very expensive, I recommend building your selection slowly and waiting for the right price and option for you! Also, any products listed are not sponsored.

Pre Swim Wetsuit SelfieSwim:Traditional One Piece, Sports Bra and Shorts, Tri Suit…

  • Wetsuit! I bought the Xterra sleeveless, make sure you check on availability before you purchase as I had a long wait for mine to ship.
  • Most transition areas are not private and if you chose to wear a wetsuit you will strip it off in front of everyone. I definitely saw women running (and biking) in one piece swim suits, but that seems painful to me.
  • I would recommend a sports bra and shorts for beginners, make sure you swim in them at least once to be sure they fit properly.
  • I love everything about my MooMotion Tri Suit. I won it through a giveway, but am purchasing a second pair of shorts as I love them and can’t find a decent pair of women’s tri shorts anywhere else.

Goggles: I haven’t experimented with goggles enough to give advice at this point. I bought non-tinted and have been loving them, until last week when I had trouble sighting in the afternoon sun. I just picked up a tinted pair and I’ll see how they differ.

Trek Road Bike SelfieBike: Mountain, Road, Hybrid, or Tri: For my first Duathlon I used my old mountain bike that my parents bought me when I was about 13. It worked just fine, although I did take it in for a tuneup.

  • If you are looking to buy a bike, first go to a bike shop and get a proper fit, learn what size you will be, then start searching Craigs list!
  • What kind of bike you buy depends on your goals. I think I will max out at a Half Ironman, so I purchased a road bike. If you want more freedom, pick a hybrid. If you want to be triathlon specific, then you can jump into those more expensive wheels.

Helmet: Most races require a helmet, at this moment I’m using an older one, but I will eventually upgrade to a newer model.

Sunglasses: Biking at high speed usually means bugs to the face. I have a pair of polarized sunglasses that I bought on super sale at Sunglass Hut. They have lots of rubber on the sides which mean they won’t slip.

Tri for a Cause SelfieRun: Shoes!

  • If you are already a runner or fairly active you probably already have a pair. The run portion of a sprint triathlon is usually under 5 miles, which means this is an easy spot to save some money, if you already have shoes, use what you have!

Do you have any gear recommendations for me?


  1. So I have no recommendations for a tri…but I’ve always been a fan of Asics for running!! I know everyone is different, but I’ve never had issues with them and I’ve probably owned 10 pairs by now!

    Also, I think it’s funny how you say doing a tri in a one-piece would be painful, because the whole thing seems painful! 😉

    1. Haha, can you just imagine the wedgies?! I seriously wanted to ask those ladies how they were doing it!

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