Music to Move to: Summer 2014

Happy Wednesday Friends! I’m in a bit of a post-race funk so there is no workout news to share. I will say that my body held up well on Saturday, I hurried to shower and attend a wedding. I stayed at the reception until about 10:30 pm when I realized everyone was really enjoying themselves, and I was just yawning.

You want to know what doesn’t make me yawn? New Music! These are the songs I will be incorporating into my newest Sculpt playlist, and the songs that I listed to during the run portion of Saturday’s Triathlon.

Summer 2014 MusicKid Cudi is definitely not a new song, but its one I finally got around to purchasing, its a fun one to sing along with!  Colbie Caillat’s music video for Try is not to be missed!

Surprisingly missing from here is any country music! I only get country stations in my car, and I like to keep my workout songs and my driving songs separate.

What songs are you loving lately?

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