Tri for a Cause 2014 Recap: My First Triathlon!

This is a hard post to write. I’ve looked over other recaps and been disappointed on what I have or haven’t covered. Here’s hoping I can do this race recap justice! Here is my race plan.

Pre-Race: Arrive at 6 am, set up was not assigned, so I initially went towards the back of transition, one of my teammates told me that I should move towards the front so I wouldn’t have to run as far in my bike shoes. I was intimated by the people in the front center, so I opted for the side and was much more comfortable! Wait time was long, but my coffee was able to completely digest and I got 2 bathroom stops pre-race. I had half a bagel at home and felt that was adequate.

Tri for a Cause Race Plan

Swim 600 Yards (15.38): I intended to go straight out, not near the buoy and rope, however I was swimming to the right and ended up running into it, oops! I started strong, then floundered, then kept pulling through. I was very nervous about the last wave swimming over me since I only had a 3 minute head start. I did get a hand to the face, but overall it was an uneventful swim.

Pre Swim Wetsuit Selfie

Transition 1 (2.02): I put my helmet and sunglasses on right away, stripped off my wetsuit, put on my bike shoes (no socks), debated putting my phone in my pocket, but decided against it, had a vanilla gu, sip of water and was off! Felt like I was forgetting something, but never figured out what that would have been.

Tri for a Cause Course Map

Bike 16.3 Miles (57.45): I started strong passing 4 people. I think I was passed by 3. One man completely ignored the passing rules and really ticked me off. I was supposed to be given four feet of space while being passed, he was right next to me and was not passing in the correct amount of time. I was not happy. Other than that, the course went well, I am so glad I was able to ride it before, which is in this post.

Transition 2 (1.27): Took off my spin shoes, put on my sneakers, my fingers were numb so I didn’t put on socks BIG MISTAKE! (blister happened, I won’t make you see the picture). Chugged some water, debated carrying it, but didn’t.

Tri for a Cause Selfie

Run 4 Miles (46:50): I ran the entire course, it wasn’t fast by any means, but it was running! I didn’t take water at the transition, however I did drink a cup and dump a cup on me at mile 1, at mile 3 I drank another cup. I was passed by plenty of runners but I didn’t let that get me down. Music was allowed on the run and I am very thankful for that! I needed it to keep going and stay positive.

Overall: 2:03:39

Next Time….

  • Have phone in my race belt and wear on the bike, not because I have to…but because I want my phone just in case.
  • Pre-ride the bike AND run course.
  • Put on socks for the run.

Do you have any questions about the race? I would love for more people to join me next year! This course was perfect for a beginner and the distances are reasonable enough even without a ton of training!


  1. Way to go, Katie! I probably missed it, but which tri did you do? And what were the distances? A tri is on my list of things to do, but the swim really intimidates me.

    1. I should been more clear! The triathlon is “Tri for a Cause” in Crosby, MN it raises money for the Masonic Cancer Clinic of Minnesota. The swim was 600 yards, bike 16.3 miles, run 4 miles. The swim was definitely the toughest, but I loved it!

  2. music really does help stay positive during the run, doesn’t it? it sounds like you did a great job – i’m always inspired to try one of these races after i read about your posts 🙂

    1. You should try and join me on a Wednesday night swim, we always do a few water starts which really helped me not worry about getting hit (that’s when its most likely to happen).

  3. Woo hoo!! Good for you! I’m about to do a sprint Tri in a couple of weeks and I’m a little nervous about it. But your posts have really helped 🙂 Thank you!!

  4. WAY TO GO!!!!! You are so awesome!!!! What an amazing first tri!! I LOVE swimming and I like running… but…. biking…. I’m just not in love with it or really like it…. how about a duathalon that is swimming and running!!

  5. Congratulations! Finishing a triathlon is such an awesome accomplishment! I have briefly considering trying a small tri, but the swim makes me really nervous.

    1. You could totally do it! I swam 4 times in the lake prior to the race, and while I wasn’t the fastest, it was a great experience!

    1. You should!! I know its a drive, but the registration price is significantly cheaper than the sprint tris I find in the cities.

  6. Girl, this is AMAZING! You did it! I am so inspired by you for conquering your fears at every step, especially with the swim, and completing this race! Sounds like you trained smart and performed well, especially considering this was your first time! Congrats!

    1. Thank you Amy!! It was a great race, which actually makes me more nervous for my next one in August.

    1. Thank you!! Swimming was definitely a big hurdle for me (still is) but what I like about the triathlon training is all the variety of workouts!

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