Tri for a Cause 2014: Race Plan

I’m 3 sleeps away from my first triathlon! Here is my training post in case you miseed it! My goals are as follows: finish the swim, finish the bike, finish the run, finish the whole thing! I have no expectations for time or freak outs. I do think I will finish, but if enough little things go wrong, I could potentially pull myself off the course.

wetsuit selfieI ordered my wetsuit back in June, however they were out of stock! Thankfully it finally shipped and last night I tried it on! I wore it around the house for almost an hour and also took it off and put it back on a second time just to make sure I could do it. Tonight I will swim with it (which should be interesting) and from there I teach sculpt, pick up my packet friday, and race Saturday!

Tri For a Cause LogoHere is my schedule as well as what I plan on packing.


6:00 AM Transition opens.

8:15 Pre-race meeting, then race start.

Swim: Wet Suit, MooMotion Tri Suit, additional sports bra, goggles, swim cap.

T1: Towel, socks, bike shoes, helmet, sunglasses, gu, water to clean feet, water to drink.

Bike: Everything I put on in T1, water in cage.

T2: Switch shoes, lose helmet, gu, water.

Run: Everything I put on in T2.

11:30 Awards ceremony (after final finisher). Lakes Area Multisport (LAMS) photo.

12:15 I must be in my car driving home, I have to get changed for a wedding!

Can you think of anything I’m missing?


  1. Sunglasses attached to helmet, tight braid, helmet adjusted to loose setting and tighten on the fly, elastic speed laces on shoes, no socks if you can stand it, bike in easy gear, gu open. Good luck, just keep moving forward and you will finish the.

    1. Bike in easy gear is what I really need to remember! I plan on putting on socks at least for the run, maybe not the bike. Thank you for the luck!!

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