Wine Tasting with Blue Diamond Almonds

We are officially in the middle of Summer entertaining! With living on the lake we never know when our next batch of company will stop in.  Thankfully we keep our basement stocked with treats, this year we especially have Wine and Almonds as they make for easier and healthier options!

Blue Diamond Almonds Wine*Disclosure, I received these Blue Diamond Almonds for free in exchange for this post. Here and anywhere else on my social media sites my opinion is always my own. Also, when I used the word “healthier” please recognize that I’m not a doctor.

I will try any wine once, but I highly recommend having a snack along. Food pairing can totally change how a wine tastes. I like how the Whole Natural almonds paired with Sauvingnon Blanc. For red wine, I love Pinot Noir especially in the summer. It tastes delicious and was a great accompaniment to the Rosemary & Black Pepper almonds.

In addition to the Whole Natural and Rosemary & Black Pepper almonds I would also recommend an aged cheddar and a gouda cheese. If you want to make this a meal, include some grilled chicken and a salad to satisfy everyone while being fairly healthy!

What wines are you enjoying right now? What are your favorite snacks to include?



    1. It took me a long time to like red wine, now I usually start dinner with a glass of white and then switch to red (if I’m out to dinner and can just order by the glass).

    1. Yes! I’m a couple hours from Trader Joe’s, but when I’m close I stop in and stock up!

    1. For the pregnant women and one under 21 year old we provided sparkling juice and a non-alcoholic wine!

  1. have you ever been to riverbend vineyard in eau claire? they make all my favorite wines 🙂 besides that, however, i stick to malbecs 🙂 also- we should meet up sometime for blogger stuff — i was thinking it’d be fun to do a collaborative post on minneapolis or st. paul or something 🙂

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