Tri For A Cause 2014: Training

My first sprint triathlon Tri for a Cause, is coming up quick! Race day is July 19th and it should be an interesting event! I’ve been faithful to the Lakes Area Multisport Tuesday morning ride, other than the week my Grandma passed away. Unfortunately I have NOT been faithful to the Wednesday night open water swim. I’ve had great intentions, but it just hasn’t happened.

Tri For a Cause LogoSunday I was invited to join a few women for a trial of the Crosby course. I bought a wetsuit weeks ago, unfortunately the company is out of stock in my size. Hopefully it will come in next week! In the meantime, I’ve been loving my Moo Motion tri kit that I won through Katy‘s giveaway. I did what I could in the water, but I was really freaking out, the women I was swimming with are very strong swimmers, and I am not.

We got in the water a little after 7 am. I have no idea how far I swam, but I feel comfortable that as long as I hang in the back of the pack, I can finish. We were not timing our transitions, I did take a Gu at this point because I don’t have enough balance on my bike to take nutrition while holding speed.

Triathlon Transition 1 PracticeOur bike started good enough. Part of the course is on a very rough road, but thankfully everything is familiar to me, and there aren’t too many hills. One rider was having issues with her seat, we debated fixing it while on the road, but the clouds were moving in and we decided to get going.

With 3 miles to get back to the start, it started to downpour! At one point it felt like hail on my arms, but thankfully I didn’t see any lightening. We had planned to run after the bike, but I was not running in that weather. If it downpours during the race, yes I will run. But my body has been tired enough lately, and I don’t need to get sick.

Triathlon Transition 2 PracticeOnce home I had a great breakfast and realized that my body was not sore! Which means now I need to push harder on the bike, get into the water more, and get ready to really run for 4 miles!

Do you have any tips for me? Do you have any questions about triathlon training?




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