June 2014 Recap (twosday)

Happy Twosday friends! I can’t wait to link up with my friend Heather! And now to recap June…

Mini Mingle at Crave Healthy Living Summit 20142 Healthy Living Summit Posts: Mini-Mingle with Me and 12 Ways to Save!

could go right2 Peace Perspectives: (there were 5 Sundays in this month!) XXI and XXV Learning Roman Numerals is difficult!

Garry Bjorklund Half Participant2 Workout Posts: Bike Fears and Half Marathon #5 Recap.

As a spoiler…..I’ve been seriously contemplating what next summer will look like, a big part of me wants to take on Grandma’s Marathon again. My knees disagree with the plan.

The last 2 weeks have been difficult, but I’m glad I write these posts as it reminds me of the fun things I have already done this summer!

In case you missed it…here is yesterday’s post about boating fuel!


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