Summer 2014 Workout Plan

Summer is here and its time to make a new plan! My Sculpt schedule is having one small change. Instead of teaching Friday mornings, I’m switching to Thursday mornings (starting in June)!

Summer 2014 Workout Plan Katie Looking ForwardOn Saturday I joined a friend on her last long run before her first half marathon on Sunday! I couldn’t quite keep up her pace, and we didn’t quite hit the 6 miles we hoped for, but it felt good to get out!

Before the Run for the Lakes Half my workouts had slowed, and since Run for the Lakes I haven’t been as active as I was in January, February, March. This is typical of me, when its really cold and gross I make the time for workouts, but once the weather gets nicer, my will to workout weakens.

Run: I really want to run 2-4 miles, consistently 2-3 times per week. I would also like to get one long run of 5-8 miles.

Bike: I am really struggling with my new bike. I need lots of time in the saddle and am hoping there are more group rides posted on the Lakes Area Multisport Page. (I haven’t been able to make any of them work).

Swim: I feel the need to purchase a wetsuit. But haven’t made the plunge yet. I tried on a long sleeve and felt very uncomfortable, so I am considering going with a sleeveless, but either way they are pretty expensive.

I didn’t include a specific day for swim workouts, but I am hoping they will naturally fit in on the weekends.

What kind of workout plan are you following this summer?


  1. I resisted the idea of a wetsuit also due to the thought of it being constrictive. I have the neck and shoulders of a linebacker. But after struggling with swimming and reading about how much they help with bouyancy, I started looking. I found one at wetsuitoutlet for $150.00 (a 2012, but who cares, and it is now $110.00 there) that had great reviews. They’re sizing is great and they also ask your height/weight and will suggest a different size if they feel they need, great customer service in general, and fast shipping. It is short and sleeveless and feels really good, and is easy on and off. Granted, I have only worn it in the shower, but hope to get into a lake this weekend. Sorry your biking isn’t going as well as you hoped, the weather hasn’t been cooperative, which doesn’t help, either.

    1. OOO, thanks for the tip! I’m going to have to check out the outlet, I really don’t care what year the model is, and $110 is much better than the $200-$250 I’ve seen elsewhere.

  2. I did my first tri without a wetsuit and am glad I didn’t invest in one but I can totally see the benefits of having one. Especially if the water temp will be chilly.

    1. Good to know! Part of it is peer pressure, the group I workout with are all super talented triathletes and they all have the proper gear. I’m hoping to snag something on sale soon!

  3. I’m sticking to running and walking this summer. That’s pretty usual for me. I’d love to add some weights, but I never really feel like doing those types of workouts.

    1. I know what you mean! I started with the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and loved that video, of course it was winter, which always helps my motivation!

  4. oh gosh, my only workout plan for the summer is to walk as much as possible before it gets too cold to be outside! eek, not ambitious, is it? let’s go biking together!!!

    1. That’s a perfect plan! I love walks and bike rides are great because you aren’t quite as sticky/sweaty! I’ll keep you posted on the next weekend I’ve got some wiggle room!

  5. I’m planning on gettign 3-4 runs in per week (one longer on the weekend), along with weight lifting and teaching Group Centergy (yoga+pilates). I love the variety of workouts, but would love to try some new classes too! I’ve been curious about bootcamp classes and barre.

    1. Group Centergy?! That sounds super cool! I took my first barre class last week (or was it two weeks ago?) either way, it felt great! I found little muscles in my legs/butt that I didn’t know I had!

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