Peace Perspective XVIII: Walk by Faith

Happy Sunday my friends! Has anyone else’s facebook newsfeed been filled with people jumping in cold water? Or bible verses? Thankfully I haven’t been tagged in either of these chain letter-esque activities (and no need to thanks).

Without any public pressure I’m sharing my favorite bible verse today. This is the verse I chose when I was confirmed, and in actuality, I first loved the verse from the Save the Last Dance soundtrack, but shhh, let’s pretend its completely a religious background.

Walk By Faith Not By Sight

Having faith is hard. Often in life I want all the answers, all the details, right away, before I make a decision. Generally that is not possible. And it is so easy to start stressing about the unknown.

My favorite word in this verse is “walk”. We’re not being asked to leap into unknown. We’re asked to walk. Take a step, then take another. There’s no need to rush and miss the details.

Do you make leaps of faith? Or steps? Or do you need to see the details before taking action?


  1. ha the cold water challenge is all over my newsfeed. bunch of my FB friends tagging each other so it goes round and round haha. i love this verse and your reflection on it. you’re right, it is so hard! and great point about not being asked to run or leap, but take it slow, one step at a time.

  2. I needed that bible verse today; thank you! I am making steps for BIG changes in my life right now and I can only do it with lots and lots of faith! 🙂

    1. You are welcome!! What are the changes?? I’m glad you can rely on your faith to help you through! Can I ask how you found my post?

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