Run For The Lakes Half Marathon 2014

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Run For the Lakes Medal

I ran the Run for the Lakes Half Marathon on Saturday! I never actually got around to training, there were a couple weeks where I ran once or twice, but never more than 3 miles. My 3x per week Yoga Sculpt classes are the backbone of my workouts. I also have been taking the occasional spin class, or swim session, but even those haven’t been very consistent the last couple weeks.

Start: Feeling good, saw a lot of friends, happy to be out and moving!

Mile 2: Left Ankle starts to hurt. Remember this pain from when I did the Long Course Indoor Triathlon, and am afraid I won’t be finishing.

Mile 4: Long Mile. At one point I thought I saw the relay exchange (which wasn’t until Mile 6). Took a Gu. Didn’t feel like I needed it, but didn’t want to tank like I did at Monster Dash.

Mile 6: Hard to believe I have to do it again. Remember what I told myself last night. Get to Mile 8, then bite off the course in 2 mile chunks.

Miles 7-11: Chat with runners I meet up with them. Discuss how the weather isn’t as warm as we thought, but it didn’t rain, and feels pretty good. Discuss other races around Minnesota. Realize I have done a TON of races, but there are still so many MORE out there. (and take another Gu)

Mile 12: Longest Mile ever. This is my problem with this course. There’s small hills throughout, but Mile 12 is a long stretch that plays tricks on you. Multiple times you think you’re “almost there” only to find that you’ve got another stretch to go.


Run For The Lakes Finish

Mile 13: Realize I have PR’d. At the start to the race I didn’t know what I would be capable of, but knew that Miles 7-11 felt good, and Mile 12 will always be too long for my liking. I had taken a few walking breaks, but ultimately caught up to someone I had started the race with, blew past him, and finished strong!!

Post Race: beer and pizza with my bestest run buddies!

Run For The Lakes BuddiesMoral of the story: Sometimes you just gotta run, and see what happens. Also, do more squats. Seriously.



    1. Thanks Kate! I understand not liking specific workouts, but at least working on balancing on one leg can really strengthen you!

    1. Thanks Hyedi! The last couple years the three of us race together more and more, its a good group we’ve got!

  1. Congrats on PR-ing!! I have only ran one half marathon and it was four years ago but it is quite the feeling of accomplishment to do better than expected! Good for you on just going out there and doing it 🙂 You’re making me want to do a race now!

  2. I can’t even begin to explain how amazed I am by you! I couldn’t even think of running a half until I have actually ran more than 10 miles, let alone 3 miles. And a PR, I’m just in aw. You are ah-mazing girl, congrats!!

    1. Thanks dear! Before my first half I hadn’t run 10 miles, so don’t let a number hold you back!

    1. Thanks dear! It was definitely unexpected, but the last time I raced was in October and the last 4 miles were really tough, and I didn’t want to experience that again, so I really focused on Mind/Matter. Mind won! Although now my legs are letting me know they aren’t real happy about it!

    1. Yes! I am thinking of coming down to the cities on May 17th and may schedule a little blog friend meet up if you’re available!

    1. Thanks Matt! I think the indoor tris were a great endurance booster, especially the long course!

    1. Thank you! The people I was running with miles 7-11 were really wonderful, it was great to distract myself with some chatting about running.

    1. Thank you dear! I’ve been active, (sculpt, swim, spin, etc) but I hadn’t been running. It worked out, but I need to make a change for Grandma’s Half.

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