Fast Friday: Funny Fotos

Grammar/Spelling police relax, I know how to spell “photos” but I couldn’t pass up the alliteration. (it is alliteration, right?)

Lately I’ve felt the need to blog on Fridays, but haven’t known what to post. So I apologize for being a little late. I’ve got 5 Funny Things to Share with You.

  1. I’m doing a half marathon tomorrow. This is HYSTERICAL, because I haven’t trained one bit. (I’m an idiot) It will be a nice lesson learned because in 8 weeks I have the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon (During Grandma’s Marathon Weekend) and I really want to get a new PR for that race. 2:33:ish is the time to beat.

  2. Training for LifeThis gem made me chuckle when it came across my instagram.

  3. Earlier this winter I was unfortunately stuck in the snow when leaving my friend’s house. It snowed again yesterday, but hopefully my snow related car issues are done for the year. Stuck in the Snow

  4. (EYE) Am Bored

This is one of the gems you may receive from me if we’re friends on snapchat. Its my 2nd favorite social media, after twitter. Did you see my post on Healthy Living Summit this week?

  1. And finally, its Finisher Shirt Friday! I’m not entirely sure why Gov. Dayton decided it, but hopefully the Grandma’s Marathon Shirt from last year will give me the strength I need for tomorrow!

Finisher Shirt Friday

Anything funny in your life today? Got a good joke?


  1. That’s funny (now)about your car in the snow!! Thankfully I think you’re right, no more snow this season! Something funny on my behalf is a few days ago my hubby asked me to come closer and said “Oh my gosh your pants are ripped right down the butt!” I had been taking the dog for a walk in our neighborhood so pretty much the entire downtown Minneapolis probably saw my ripped jeans. I laughed.

    1. Oh my gosh! Was it cold with the rip? Were they old jeans at least? I guess Duluth/north got enough snow for Lutsen to still be open. But I’m doing the Run for the Lakes half tomorrow, so I’m glad all our snow melted!

      1. No it was a nice day out haha. They were cheapie jeans from Gap- like $15 on sale. No more gap jeans for me I suppose. Oh wow glad you guys don’t have any. Good luck on your run!

  2. Ooh, I have a joke!

    Knock knock!
    (Who’s there?)
    (Woo who?)
    Oh I’m so glad you’re excited about my joke too!

    Also, yes, that is alliteration in your title. I am addicted to alliterative titles! I heart alliteration.

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