Peace XV: Gentle

Happy Easter! I could have found a pin with a cute bunny, and I almost didn’t share this post, but I decided to just go with it.

In case you’re new to the Peace Perspective, here and here is where you can read the meaning behind it.

Be Gentle with Yourself Peace PerspectiveToday’s post was found from my friend Ashley. The first phrase is what really speaks to me. Being gentle with yourself is so important. What advice would you give a friend? Would you call them stupid? If you wouldn’t, don’t call yourself stupid.

Lately life has been noisy and confusing for me. The last weekend of March and first weekend of April were jammed packed. I felt like I was spread a bit too thin. I had dinner with friends one Friday night and left at 10:30 because I had been yawning at the table. Typically I could have stayed out til Midnight chatting and having fun.

Then last weekend I didn’t have many plans. And having so much free time was frustrating. I wanted to be busy, but couldn’t find something to do. This weekend I also didn’t have many plans. I taught 2 yoga classes on Saturday morning and was blessed with amazing students. I took my new bike out for the first time, and managed to pop a tire. But instead of being hard on myself like last weekend. I was gentle. I’ll try to fix it. If I can’t, I find someone who can help me, and hopefully teach me along the way.

Are you gentle with yourself? Or do you need to be reminded to be a little nicer?


  1. This post really speaks to me. Being gentle with ourselves (or having self-compassion, as I usually refer to it), is in my opinion one of the absolutely most important things we can do for ourselves. Because you are SO right…we would never treat our friends the way we treat ourselves sometimes. We wouldn’t call them names. We wouldn’t belittle them. We wouldn’t get on their case for mistakes. We wouldn’t blame them for things out of their control. We would be kind. We would be understanding. We would give them the benefit of the doubt. So why on earth do we think it’s okay to not have the same courtesy toward ourselves? This is a topic that I’m feeling more and more strongly about, and it’s probably because it’s something that, even though I’m aware of its importance, I still struggle with for myself. I’m getting better, but especially when I’m upset/crying or in the middle of a depression episode, I revert back to old, cruel thought patterns. And that’s so not okay! Anyway, I’m glad you’re being gentle to yourself. You deserve that kindness! 🙂

    1. Gentle and self-compassion are totally the same thing! You deserve self compassion as well Ashleigh!

  2. We’re so hard on ourselves. We place obscene demands on ourselves and everyone around us. Then we feel like failures when we can’t measure up. (Or is that just me?) (Please tell me that’s not just me…)

    I need constant reminders to be gentle… Not just with me but with those around me.

    And I always find when I can be gentle with myself… Begging gentle with the rest of these rabid monkeys I live with. 😉

    1. Its not just you. I also need the reminder to be gentle to others. I’ve made a new rule for myself. On mondays I’m not allowed to send a reply email until 11 am. It allows me to really think about my response.

  3. This is something I really struggle with, and one of the things that I have been working on in April. I can be so hard on myself at times and I need to remember to just give myself a break. Thank you for sharing this oh, so important reminder today!

  4. it’s hard to be gentle with ourselves, isn’t it? i’m not sure why, but i’ve always been my worst critic and i’m trying to let that go – why not just be okay with being.. well.. average? make mistakes and forgive yourself and try again and just flow along with it.. 🙂 hope your bike is fixed and ready for the season!! oh, and happy easter!

    1. I hope you had a Happy Easter as well! I agree, it is hard to be gentle, but it is so important to remember! The bike is somewhat fixed, I ended up going for a 24 mile ride in the evening, but need to play around with the tire pressure, so I can be more comfortable!

  5. I’m notoriously hard on myself. It’s something that I really need to work on. I expect myself to be perfect…now…right away. It’s ridiculous because no one could live up to the standards I set for myself. Working on it!

    1. That’s a great step! There are definitely some irritants in life that I’ve let fall by the wayside. But I still get bogged down by the “time line” feeling of life. Its so good to stop caring, just a little bit!

  6. It’s baffling how we really can be our own worst enemy BUT we also can be our biggest motivator. I used to be really hard on myself but realized that was self defeating and I needed to be okay with the way things were and instead learn and grow from the experience. It’s not always easy but it’s so much more fulfilling and allows me to grow!

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