Yogatta Try This: Class & Snack with Blue Diamond

Missed Part 1 and 2? Catch up! As much as I love New Years Resolutions….The changing of the seasons also inspires me to mix things up, which is why I’m sharing what you should bring/do before your first class yoga class.

Yogatta Try This! Blue Diamond

Whether its your first class ever, or your first class at a new studio, the tips are the same! So get out of your winter cocoon, and get your good going!

  1. Check the website/social media. (Make sure class is on, and what they provide.)
  2. What to bring? (Water, Mat, Towel, etc).
  3. What time to arrive? (earlier is always better, think 15 minutes)
  4. What to eat/drink prior? (hydration and snacks are important!)
  5. What to tell the instructor? (Your workout and/or injury history)

Each of these tips are going to ensure that you have the most positive experience possible.

  • Its not fun to stress about traffic, get to class late, only to find out that the instructor is sick and class is cancelled!
  • Mats: you can buy a cheap mat at most major retailers (aka, Target). I wouldn’t spring for anything fancy until you know what you’re looking for. I had a target mat with a yogitoes towel for 3 years before finally upgrading. Now I’m using the lululemon “the mat” and love every expensive penny I paid for it.
  • Some studios will have mats available for use, just make sure to ask them if you need to wipe it down after class.
  • If you aren’t drinking water each day, start! You should drink a bottle of water a few hours before class, a bottle during class, and a bottle in the evening after class!
  • Also, I always go to the bathroom before class, its going to be hard to concentrate if you’re worried you have to “go”!

However, we do not exist on water alone. I tend to eat breakfast around 7:30 and lunch at 11:30. When I teach my 5pm Sculpt class, I’m usually hungry!! My favorite, curb the craving snack is Blue Diamond Almonds, specifically the Salt and Vinegar ones which I can buy at my local (small) grocery store. They kick the need for potato chips, and don’t mess with my stomach. (I’ve had students who’ve come to class so hungry they weren’t able to complete the workout, I’ve also had students come to class after a big meal. Please find what size snack works best for you!)

Salt 'n Vinegar Blue Diamond Almonds My favorite thing about the 1.5 ounce serving bags, they travel well! Spring in Minnesota can be quite the weather roller coaster. But with Blue Diamond Almonds I don’t worry about them melting, freezing, or crumbling! Have you tried Blue Diamond Almonds yet? Do you have a favorite flavor?

Finally, make sure you share with the instructor what your workout history is. As an instructor, I can never look at a body and know what it is capable of. I’ve had countless students surprise me with how tough they are! But at the same time, I never want to push someone who has an injury, and not all injuries are visible. So please, share what workouts you’ve done in the past, and any past injuries so I can give you a few tips before we start class.

Next week I’ll share a few “what if” situations in a yoga class, and how I would suggest you handle them. If you have any questions at all, you can email me at

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds for their Get Your Good Going Campaign. I was given product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own! 

Part 4


    1. So true! I’ve been contemplating what to do for my last post, I might have to do one about “things to tell yourself while you’re in class.” I don’t want anyone to be intimidated!!

  1. The Salt & Vinegar are by far my favorites, but I also just fell in love with the Rosemary & Black Pepper. Luckily there is at least one shop in my area that stocks one flavor or the other!

    1. I have a can of Rosemary & Black Pepper that I am hording! I found the Honey Dijon once, and am starting to think about ordering them off Amazon because I can’t find them anywhere else!

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