Fast Friday: Self Hosted?! HLS!!

Can you hear me now? Good!

I think my self hosting has officially been updated, its a little confusing because I was never, I had bought my domain from the start. If you know absolutely anything about self hosting, feel free to read my twitter (@katie_lf)and see what I’m currently stressing out over.

Two weekends ago I picked up my new road bike! (and got a haircut)

Katie Looking Forward Bike Bought Haircut

I’ll do a full review on the bike once I’ve ridden enough to feel comfortable.

I ventured over to a side of the Twin Cities I don’t go to often, and found…Katie Looking Forward Madison Healthy Living Summit

What are you up to these days? Do you have big plans for the weekend?

10-21-14 Edit: Removed information.


    1. If you scroll through my Instagram I did post one photo of it! And thank you dear, you will be missed!

      1. Haha, I had “liked” that photo, too. I guess I didn’t realize that was the one you ended up going with. Nice choice!

  1. Ahh! Do a session!! Can’t wait to hear what your idea is about! 🙂

    And yay for a haircut! (I need one of those asap)

    1. I’m self hosted, but haven’t added the plugins I want, and am still very unsure about the whole situation!

  2. YAY for being self hosted!!!! So excited for you…. I’m working up the courage to switch to self hosted! Did you move your blog on your own or did you have someone help you?

    1. Haha I had wordpress do it for me! The price was okay, but in hindsight, if I had found a real person I might have been happier, wordpress answers my questions, but there is usually a day delay.

      1. Good to know! I found a site that would do it for free…. it doesn’t sound to hard to do it myself… idk yet. I’ll decide and finally make the jump eventually!

      2. Interesting, feel free to share that link with me (i’m interested to see what they offer for free)!

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