Yogatta Try This: Part 2 of 6, Types of Yoga!

*Announcement before we get into the Yoga! I’ll be moving to self hosted tomorrow, so if I don’t respond to comments right away, or if things look weird…they will be addressed as soon as possible!

When someone tells me “I do a lot of yoga” my first reaction is always “Awesome! What kind?” For some yoga is a spiritual connection, you may be as Christian as they come, but  yoga may be your way of connecting with God. For others, yoga is a way to alleviate pain in their body. The gentle stretching can loosen up muscles that seem to be perpetually knotted. For others, yoga is a way to quietly (or loudly) kick their own ass.

And while every type of yoga is different, every studio is different. Karmady (where I teach) uses the following class descriptions.

Karmady Yoga Class DescriptionCorepower goes as far to tell you what temperatures and humidity their rooms will be at, these may scare you at first, but you may find yourself craving the heat eventually!

There is Bikram. I haven’t taken a Bikram class yet, although if someone knows of a Twin Cities option, please let me know! I did find this article on Greatist a great overview of the class. Basically, its heated to exactly 105 degrees, and you do more specific movements, which means you need to be extra sure that you hydrate properly! My friend Jen wrote a great post about her experience.

These are not the only types of Yoga out there, but these are the ones I would start with offering someone who is just getting into yoga!

What type of class do you like? Are you spiritual, gentle, or ass-kicking?

You can find Part 1 here!


  1. I used to practice Bikram religiously at this place in Bloomington called Bikram Yoga. But since they have changed to The Yoga Pioneers and still maintain a lot of the same principles but I don’t think their classes are pure Bikram anymore.

    1. That would be okay with me, I’m not very picky about how specific each pose is. If I think someone is really doing their body a disservice then I will correct them, but while they’re still learning, I let them experiment on their own, and give cues to help them.

  2. I love doing a hot flow class. Bikram is awful in my opinion. The same moves EVERY time… I don’t love that everyone seems like a robot. I tried Core Power when I was in Chicago last week. I was actually sore! Talk about being in shock!

    1. I’m having wordpress do it for me. I searched for tutorials but I couldn’t find one that specificially walked me through (where I already own my domain) to bluehost to I’ve got a sponsored post coming soon, so I need to pay wordpress to do it for me so it was done quickly and correctly!

  3. I don’t know why but I’ve always been so resistant of yoga! I’ve actually NEVER been to a class before. All my friends swear by it, especially hot yoga. Maybe I need to do it! Which class would you recommend for beginners?!

    1. It depends on how active someone is. I recommend our slow flow class, and then I tell people that if they are bored to come to hot power next! Next week I’ll talk about what to expect in your first class!

  4. The type of yoga class I want to go to depends on my mood and I’m pretty proud that I’ve learned to know what I need! Sometimes a flow class is great to get some energy and/or clear my head, or a restorative or gentle class when I just need to chill and stretch. I love yoga and definitely never regret a class!

    1. That is so awesome! To understand what your body needs is so important, and to not regret, I’ve had a few not so pleasant yoga experiences, but I keep coming back because the good far outweighs the bad!

  5. Hooray for self hosted!
    My favorite yoga depends on my mood. Sometimes I feel like getting my ass handed to me in chair pose, and others I would be perfectly content on laying on my back for a good hour.

  6. 105 degrees sounds like prime passing out temperature to me. I did a warm yoga class, as I called it, and I actually really enjoyed it, but Bikram seems way to intense for me. It was a power flow class, and even though yoga’s not my thing, I would go back.

    1. When you move to Chicago(!!!) keep your eyes peeled for a Corepower yoga groupon. Their C1 class is a wonderful introduction to yoga. Also, if you don’t want to wait for the groupon, the first time you go to their studio you get one week for free! So make sure its a week you can go multiple times and try out all the classes.

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