March 2014 Recap

I think March was the hardest month so far this year. January and February were pretty easy because I was busy with the dance team. But March had its challenges.

  • I started the month off strong with Motivation and a delicious breakfast/snack idea.
  • I filled a request for a workout that can be done without neighbors knowing what you’re up to!

Apartment WorkoutIt was purposely vague, do what you can for as long as you can!

  • Growth is always an interesting thing to examine, so I shared how many friends are reaching the blog.
  • Photography is not my strength, but I’m really proud of my photos in this post.
  • Ironman Distance is no joke! I’m humbled by the idea that people complete this in one day, I didn’t make it in a month!

April brings a half marathon (ughh…crap) and my birthday! Which I have no idea what I’m going to do for it.

How was March for you? Do you have big plans for Easter?


  1. Looks like a successful, growing type of month for you!! A half marathon, wowza good for you!!

    For Easter we are going to Brainerd to celebrate with the fam!! What’re your plans?!

  2. I also, am always in awe of the people who complete the ironman race! I thought it was a cool idea to spread it out over a month for a training plan! My easter plans– actually being at home in Iowa! I’m taking the week off to write my literature review for my dissertation and decided it was best to do it away from lab and fun distractions here in Madtown.

  3. Dude, I love the idea of recapping your month! It’s a lot more bite-sized than the New Year’s recaps I saw (and made one myself) this year.

    March was semi-rough for me. I got hit with an episode of clinical depression in early February, and it has taken me a lot longer than usual to climb my way out of it. I hate the feeling I get when I feel like I’m wasting time, and March feels like a huge colossal waste to me. I’ve got to remember that I *have* been learning things and making progress in group therapy, so the whole month wasn’t completely wasted. Gotta focus on the positive, ya know?

    I’m excited for April because I finally feel like I might be able to get back in some kind of a productive groove! Anyway, happy early birthday! 🙂

  4. If your feeling overwhelmed maybe you should revise your schedule. Sometimes I think I’m so ready to kill it hour after hour and when it comes to actually doing it it becomes a job and not fun anymore. We all work hard enough that workingout shouldn’t be a job too!

    PS I cracked up laughing about the apartment workout! So true. I’m pretty sure the company downstairs thinks our Insanity workouts are us acting like fools!

    1. Haha Yes! A friend of mine put it out on twitter “someone give me a workout where I don’t tick off the neighbors” and I was inspired!

      My schedule last weekend and this weekend are the problems. It will get better after that.

  5. In March, I exceeded my 100 mile goal, had a decent half marathon number 2 finish, decided to push my first marathon out til TC in the fall and focus on halfs and cycling this spring and summer, bought a road bike and start swim lessons tomorrow in prep for a tri I registered for in June that I actually feel like I can do. Which is something I’ve honestly never been able to even bring my mind to entertain before. It seems my ‘I can’t do it’ switch has been turned off in me. This all may or may not stem from being unceremoniously dumped after Valentine’s Day. Closed door, open window.

    1. I love open windows (you know when its warm at least…) No matter where the determination comes from, I’m glad you’ll be trying out a triathlon! Lessons is a great way to start, when I swim by myself I’m not as efficient or productive. Also, where did you buy your bike?? I just picked mine up at Gear West this weekend!

      1. What did you get? I looked at some Felts there, which is what my heart was set on, then at a friend’s insistance, I went to Erik’s to try out a Raleigh carbon, which I ultimately decided to get. I was surprised at the difference in weight and the shifting felt smoother. It is very entry level, but so am I. One day I would love to get a Felt carbon, but I don’t have 2K just laying around.

      2. I went with the Trek Madone, it was marked down, but still at the top of my budget. I considered going straight to a tri bike, but decided I’d rather put my money into a good road bike that will hopefully last me a long while, plus I’ll keep my ears out for a used tri bike.

    1. March was terrible for me, went through a break-up, didn’t workout, or eat healthy so i get where you said….ok…. cause that is basically how i felt about March :9 so excited that April has started!!! Facebook free since april 3 ❤ continuing to live life, read, workout, and cook. Thanks for the awesome blog post. and yea what are you doing for your birthday…?

      1. I still don’t know! Thankfully I’ve got friends all over, so I’m kind of waiting to see how I feel that week, and then I’ll decide if I want to drive to minneapolis/st.paul, or duluth, or just stay home and offer for people to visit me!

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