Lame or Honest Mistake?

I’ve ran in a tutu, I’ve attended a Healthy Living Summit, and am currently on the Dream Team for the 2014 Healthy Living Summit (You KNOW you want to mini mingle with me!) Self Lame ResponseI’m not saying I’m perfect (or that any healthy living blogger is), but I am always looking forward to the next adventure, and enjoying the wonderful moments life has to offer.

If the Self magazine controversy didn’t pop up in your newsfeed yesterday or today, go over to Healthy Tipping Point and read what Caitlin had to say on the topic.

And now Self has put out an amazing article themselves! Read it here.

My thoughts

  • Self made an honest mistake
  • Magazines need filler, the question “Are tutus during a race lame?” is completely understandable.
  • My answer is…NO! Tutus are not lame! There are so many themed races out there, and if getting to wear a tutu gets someone off the couch I am all for it!
  • The cancer conundrum: Self should have taken the time to look at the bib, and do a follow up question. I can only imagine the fury that would have been released on them if they had managed to tick off the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

This reminded me of back in 2010 (how is that 4 years ago?) when Marie Claire wrote “The Hunger Diaries” a truly ridiculous article and Caitlin wrote a great rebuttal. When that article was written I said “I will never buy Marie Clair again” and I have kept true to my word.

As for Self…I currently receive it for free through Mycokepoints. I’m not going to call and stop receiving my free subscription. However, I’m not sure that when it comes time to renew through my points if I will make the “purchase” again.

What are your thoughts? Were you offended? Or do you think this is being blown out of proportion?



  1. I think the backlash is justifiable – not “just” because the woman who was made fun of has cancer, but also because Self requested permission to use her photo (which she obviously didn’t realize would be used to make fun of her!) and because the magazine sets its message up as pro-women. Making fun of women is not pro. (I haven’t read the magazine in years because I always felt bad about myself after doing so…but this topic has me really riled up, for some reason!)

  2. I think it’s being so completely blown out of proportion – especially since the editor-in-chief has already apologized. Yes, they should have done their research a bit more, but I think it was just a stupid mistake, and if they think that running in tutus is lame, that’s their prerogative!

  3. Like I said before– I don’t know much about journalism, but I’m pretty sure one of the basics is to check your facts which they clearly didn’t do and, honest mistake or not, there is no excuse for that. They can write whatever they want, but at the end of the day if you are a magazine promoting health and wellness, that magazine should know that being SUPPORTIVE is such an important aspect of creating a healthy lifestyle. Who cares if they were wearing tutus? At least they were out pouding the pavement! Clearly, I have major feelings about this topic haha

  4. Yesterday I felt like the only person on Facebook or Twitter that want ready to burn Self at the stake. Without a doubt they royally screwed up. They were deceitful in obtaining permissions to use the photo, and it was poor and lazy journalism. However the media played this like a personal attack. They weren’t making of her specifically. As far as I saw there was nothing identifying this woman or her company. They were making fun of the tutu trend. (Admittedly, I too find the trend kind of overdone and a little lame at this point, but if people want to wear them…well, “you do you.”)

    I agree that as a women’s health magazine they shouldn’t be mocking a trend that gets people exercising, but that’s not what they were being called or for. And honestly I wonder how many people would have given this blurb a second thought if the photo attached to it just a tutu on a white background… or if it had just been a stock photo or models.

    1. Oooo good point! I definitely take the “lame” comment more personally because they used a real person’s photo. If it was a stock photo with models, I probably wouldn’t get excited over it.

  5. This is a comment I posted on Brooklyn Active Momma – they obviously didn’t mean to make fun of a cancer survivor, so I don’t take it that far, but it does irk me that they would make fun of women having fun while doing something active – where’s bad there?

    “Magazines say mean things – we’ve all seen those columns before. I happen to not agree with this “mean thing” and I think it makes them look idiotic – who cares why people run or how they run, they are running, they are healthy, and who can fault anyone for having some fun! The biggest problem is not disclosing the use of the picture. I totally agree with Carla, (Real Into) I would have still said “yes” – it’s such a great platform to promote her charity work. I can’t believe Self didn’t foresee this backlash – way to piss off a bunch of passionate readers like female runners! Not too smart.”

  6. I have mixed feelings about it. Mostly though, I think it was a rather careless feature and Self really should’ve been more responsible and professional about it. It kind of rubs me the wrong way that it’s a magazine to essentially encourage women and yet they were making fun of some. Regardless, I think the situation was handled well and I LOVE how women in the picture responded.

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