Growth in the Best Way

Happy Monday everyone! Later in the week I’ll share some thoughts on my vacation, but first I want to give you a peek into the Katie Looking Foward numbers!

I started blogging in November 2011, here is my first post! By January of 2012 I had a few posts up, but for the most part my readership was my close friends. For the sake of simplicity, I’m only going to talk about views, not unique visitors. Also, please realize that any statistic you see can be cooked to look different ways. I’m taking this from my statistics.

Katie Looking Forward Blog GrowthI’m ignoring the first 2 months of blogging November and December 2011. They don’t tell you much.

I chose to use January as my month to show growth. In September 2013 I had my most views per month which I attribute to attending the Healthy Living Summit. But the January 2012 numbers really show how low I started, and the January 2014 show an astonishing growth from a year ago!

To celebrate all this growth I had a new headshot taken, which I’m slowly updating across social media.

Katie Looking Forward I especially like it for Linked In and Google Plus, I’m worried its a little too formal for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and my Facebook Page, so don’t be surprised if those switch to something more fun!

Because FUN > Formal.

I would love to hit the 20,000 mark this year, but its more important to me that this space remain a place where I talk about real life.

THANK YOU! Thank you thank you Thank you!  For joining me on this journey. And, to always end in a question…

What would you like to see more of?

If you’re a blogger, how much emphasis do you put on your numbers?



  1. YAY! Love the headshot bee-tee-dubbs. I used to be such a numbers person, but a lot of things in my life have been controlled by numbers and I am working on breaking that habit. Now I take a look back and ask myself, why am I blogging? Just for page views? No. I enjoy sharing what I love and knowing that my witty sarcasm and slightly inappropriateness makes someone laugh. That’s what makes my day!

    1. Thank you my friend! I totally understand ignoring the numbers, I don’t get that wrapped up in it, but it is interesting to see the changes! Also, your inappropriateness (especially towards firefighters) is my favorite!

  2. Wow congrats!!! That is so amazing!! My blogs first birthday is in July and I’m interested to see where I’m at for views. I’m surprised every time my blog gets a new like or follow or comment!! Love it!

  3. I never really look at my numbers since I just blog for fun and for me (I need to remind myself that sometimes). Nice job on your growth!

  4. Love your new headshot! And awesome work on growing your blog! While I look at numbers every once in a while, I try not to put any emphasis on them because really, I have no control over them. All I can (and want) to do is write posts that I want to and if people read them, great! If not, that’s okay too 🙂

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