Peace Perspective VIII: Be Happy

Another Sunday, another dash of Peace Perspective. This week’s perspective is about being happy. Goals are great, but simply being happy is important.

Peace Perspective 8 Helen Keller QuoteThis quote acknowledges that things may not be perfect, and you may be working towards bigger goals. But you need to be happy in the place you are in.

If all you do is look at the end goal, you miss all the awesome things that happen along the way. When training for a race you can’t only think about that race. You’ve got to do training runs. And some of those runs may be in the snow, cold or rain. But don’t leave the celebrating only for the finish line. Celebrate how far you go each day!

Look around, find something to be happy about.

And I know its not always easy, so when a happy moment pops up, embrace it!!



    1. Uff da, a sign like that would make or break me. Because sometimes you just have bad days (yesterday was actually one for me) but at the same time, its so true! (If I was a high school teacher, I would most definitely have that sign in my classroom though).

  1. This reminded me of the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. I didn’t really read it since at the time I didn’t really buy into it yet, but he talks a lot about how all problems come from the past or the future. If you just focus on ‘the now’ you would be a lot more at peace. I think there is a lot of truth in that and reminded me of what you said!

    1. Ha ha I totally know what you mean! I don’t read many of the “self help style” books. But I do think its important to stay in the present. Goals are great, but if I put every bit of happiness around a finish line, I will miss out on so many other amazing things.

  2. aww katie, i’ve been thinking so many of the same things lately — about how i don’t really need to be successful or accomplished or any of the things i used to value, so long as i’m happy and content and working on things i care about 🙂 such a nice reminder 🙂

    1. So true Jennifer! There are definitely things I want to accomplish, but things are also pretty darn good right now. Its important to appreciate where you are, not just where you are going.

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