MNBChallenge: Believe Week

Its done! I think this is one of the first times I have committed to a challenge and actually completed the entire thing!

I took sometime to myself with the couch and the Olympics on Monday night. (it felt so weird to not go to dance practice).

Tuesday was about meditation, which I get plenty of with 3 shavasanas a week. But that night I made sure we got a full 5 minutes of quiet time. It was also National Wine Day… I celebrated with a photo of the wine area of Target from November when I was in Florida. (because taking pictures of people while in shavasana without permission is just not nice).

Wednesday I posted a throwback picture of my family in Mexico which is our happy place. (Turns out one of my friends thought I was on vacation).

Thursday was all about Thankfullness, and I had to show some love to Healthy Living Summit and Blue Diamond Almonds. They gave the sweetest Olympic treats!

Finally, we were challenged to shout out to our biggest supporters, since I had already gave my family some love on Instagram this week, I decided to give love to some of my friend groups.

To recap….Thank you to Lorna Jane and Fit Approach for creating a great event!

You can see my Move week here, and Nourish week here.

Have you ever completed a challenge? or do you tend to do 3-5 days and lose interest (which is what usually happens to me)?



  1. I am terrible with challenges! I always forget. I tried to do a 30 day yoga challenge where I had to do a pose everyday. That was tough because I needed to put on good looking workout clothes and then find someone to take a picture, and it just never was good enough so I had to spend maybe 15-30 minutes per picture. Haha. Anyways, your trip to Mexico does look like a happy place especially with your family.

  2. Good for you for taking some time for yourself! It’s SO necessary and so easily forgotten. I’m obsessed with the blue diamond coconut almonds. Too good for their own good!

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