Swim Session 5: Like a Rock

Confession: I thought I had a swim workout post already scheduled. Turns out I didn’t!Hump Day SomeecardLast week when I met with my swim coach we discussed how I did at the extreme workout from the weekend. He said the lifeguard had mentioned to him that I looked good in the water, but my endurance wasn’t high enough. I’m not surprised by that, I’ve only been swimming for 5 stinking weeks!

However, that meant he had something to work on with me. We did a short warmup, and then I was told to swim a 50, 100, 150, 200. Working up and down this ladder will help me gain endurance but also learn race conditions.

At this point I know enough about my stroke that I can focus on different things while swimming. Sometimes I’ll focus on my hips rotating, other times I’ll focus on my pull, each body part can use a tweak.

Yesterday morning I went to the pull to get my own swim session in, I tried to follow the same workout. But I felt dead in the water. I had set my alarm a little later, but I think my body really could have benefited from skipping the workout. After half an hour I called it quits.

I also broke my running shoes to the gym and attempted a run to clear my head. But my legs were feeling like lead. It quite frankly was not my day for the gym. I did end up teaching an awesome sculpt class in the evening, so the day wasn’t a total waste.

Do you ever have off workouts? Do you attempt them again later in the day, or just call it quits?


    1. Yay!! I taught my regularly scheduled class yesterday and when we got done I thanked them for joining me instead of walking outside. because if I hadn’t been scheduled to teach, I would have gone outside too!

  1. I totally have “off” days. With my schedule, I typically just have to try my best, and call it good. I don’t have time to make it up.

    Nice job on the swimming though! I wish I could swim better.

    1. Way to go on trying later in the day! This week my goal is to get 2 – 3 mile walks. I figure if I put less pressure on the pace, and just get the mileage, I can trick my body into wanting to run!

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