Recapping, Learning, Resting

Hello Again Friends! I’ve been a posting fool the past two days. Here is this week’s Peace Perspective, and here’s the #MNBChallenge Week 2 recap.

Over the weekend…

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So proud of these hard working women!

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The Aitkin All Starz became State Champs! When I was in High School we didn’t have Facebook (it was for college students only) so I would love to show you a picture from when I danced…but its safe to say it was a learning experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Heck, all of high school was about learning and growing. And frankly, I believe that all people need to continue to learn and grow no matter what age they are.

Anyways….this week is going to be interesting for me. I’m tired from being gone all weekend, and am teaching extra yoga classes all week. However, this weekend I’ve got no plans and am so excited to see what I can do to fill the time. I’m hoping for

  • manicure/pedicure (at home mani/pedis aren’t enough anymore)
  • cooking a new recipe
  • sleeping

What do you like to do to recharge your batteries? Do you have a recipe suggestion?




  1. “I believe that all people need to continue to learn and grow no matter what age they are.” – words of wisdom. and a mani/pedi&newrecipe&sleep sounds like the perfect way to recharge – i’ve been wanting to make those carrot cake energy balls… yum!

  2. WOOHOO Congrats to the All Starz!! I hope next year I can make it to state since we will live here.

    Recharging the batteries is so important. It’s crazy how much of a difference that makes. For me recharging is going outdoors and/or exercise. Wine helps too 🙂 I hope you had a good restful weekend!

  3. Congrats! I love (LOVE!) relaxing by having a clean house. Although I don’t really love cleaning, having a clean house takes me to my “happy place”. 🙂

    1. I totally know what you mean. My room is a mess right now, so I’ve taken to sleeping in my brother’s room. One night I’ll turn on a chic flick and pick up my room, it does feel darn good once its done!

  4. On a no-kid/no commitment Saturday after my run, steam and errands, nothing feels as wonderful as falling into a couch-y-Netflix-y coma all afternoon. I look forward to those rare days all week and even brag about them (but people think I am pathetic and live a sad life). As far as recipes, I am itching to try a sweet potato quinoa patty recipe if I find one that really suits my tastes or I can alter to suit.

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